[Day 31] Target Mains: GS Questions & DNA Framework

GS I (Culture) (Duplex)

Government museums make up 90 per cent of the roughly 1,000 museums in India. They are banned from partnerships with private individuals or organisations, and have to depend on central funding even for day-to-day operations. Discuss.  Do you think that India’s museums are neglected? Discuss. What steps need to be taken by government? 


Straight but analytical. Analyze the conditions of museum and steps taken to improve.


Keep it simple

– Take into consideration the present conditions of museum. Take examples. Reasons behind the condition. Central funding role. (5 marks)

-Steps taken and needed to improve the conditions. Role of private organization or individual. Challenges and way ahead (5 marks)

GS II (Good Governance) (Hattrick)

Growing population & corruption main hindrances to good governance. Critically examine.


– Widely open question. Both the sides need to be written.

(Keep control on word limits and try to touch all the areas in brief)


– Growing population- Positive & negative impact in relation to good governance. (4 marks)

-Corruption- Positive & negative impact in relation to good governance. (4 marks)

– Way to address this to have good governance (2 marks)

GS III (Technology) (Hattrick)

In your opinion can cultivation of GM (Genetically Modified) crops ensure food security for India? Critically examine the arguments presented in opposition and in favour of GM technology. 


Necessity of GM crops is there or not. Analysis of both the sides required. Balanced stand at the end


– Food security in India and present condition without GM crops. Necessity of GM. Examples of other countries (4 marks)

– Argument in favour and opposition of GM Crops (4 marks)

– Conclusion, Challenges and way ahead (2 marks)

GS IV (Ethics) (simplex)

The ethics of driverless car technology is subject of debate. Critically examine


There is lot of debate going on technology of driverless car. It has to be examined in ethical point of view


– Different situations need to be analyzed with driver and without driver car

– Focus on both-pros and cons. (Do not leave the subject of ethics)

– Logical conclusion

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