[Day 34 | GS4] Target Mains: Answers

GS IV (Ethics) (Simplex) (Analytical)
Do you think that higher education institutions in india are loosing ethics and accountability ? Add a note on privatisation of higher education.
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There has been a growing rise in number of higher education institutions in India. Currently we have more than 700 universities. However, there is a need of attention on the debate of ethics and accountability in these institutions.
No, I don’t think these has been dilution of ethics and accountability. The reasons behind are:
-> There has been an increase in transparency recruitment process. E.g. NEET Exam, GATE, IIT JEE etc
-> There has been a departure from traditional GURU-Shishya model, but it does not necessarily mean decline in ethics. It is transformation to modernity and inculcation of modern values.
-> These institutions are governed by independent bodies like UGC, statutory laws and self imposed code of ethics.
-> The increasing consciousness towards brand values, university rankings and image building puts pressure on universities for ethical behavior and transparency.
Subsequently, the privatisation of higher education institutions comes with both boon and bane. It’ll enhance quality, competitiveness, skill development and efficiency. While, on the other side, there is always fear of social and economic inequality reinforcement, dilution in moral education as profit shall be the sole aim. The private sector in higher education needs further cost-benefit analysis keeping ethical side in mind. As Gandhi ji said that “education without character” is deadly sin, It is imperative to pay heed to moral side of these institutions, particularly, when private sector is knocking the door.

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