[Day 7] Target Mains: Skill Enhancement Prog. IAS Mains 2016

GS I (Historical Analysis) (Simplex)

Close to seven decades post Independence the social equations in many villages & cities in India have not changed from what they have been for centuries. Such villages & cities continue to remain what Dr. B.R. Ambedkar called “sinks of localism, dens of ignorance and narrow-mindedness” Elucidate.


Recent atrocities on people have to be discussed in the answer.


  • – Age long atrocities still continues in the country. So explain about some of them. 
  • – Discuss the possible reasons & solutions to this problem

GS Paper II (International Relations – Hattrick)

Critically examine the West Asian Cold War between Saudi Arabia & Iran? Discuss its impact on India?


Being neighbours, recent selling of US arms to Saudi would intensify the war with Yemen.


  • – Explain cold war & its reasons. Pros and Cons of the war.
  • – Discuss the possible impact on India from the same.

GS Paper III (Science and Technology – Dynamic) (Simplex)

Some players in Rio Olympics are experiencing Hyperandrogenism. What does Hyperandrogenism relate to? Discuss.


Discuss problems and extra-advantage to players due to consumption of Hyperandrogenism.


  • – Explain definition of Hyperandrogenism. 
  • – Reason for the high Hyperandrogenism and it’s consumption.
  • – Brief about the controversy
  • – Impact and it’s advantages

GS Paper IV (Ethical Values – Hattrick)

India is a country where sex education is a taboo and neither parents nor teachers impart it. Looking at above, pornography was recently banned but the ban was lifted in a one week’s time. Do you feel that freedom to access pornography is ethically right?


Content of pornography is cruel but at the same time, in India, sex education is not properly provided. So balanced answer is required.


  • – Briefly explain Cruelty, Child molestation & access at very younger age can be dangerous. (Cons)
  • – Discuss the sexual education status in India and damages due to improper knowledge. (Explanation)
  • – Impacts of banning in very brief (Black marketing will be promoted)
  • – Way forward like banning child pornography, cruel sexual acts etc. (It’s impact)

  • All questions on this series are available for revision at – Target Mains
  • The DNA (Demand and Approach) Framework for each question is updated at the end of day
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