[Day 8] Target Mains: Skill Enhancement Prog. IAS Mains 2016

GS I (Social Empowerment, Communalism, Regionalism & Secularism) (Static + Dynamic = Duplex)

Constitution provides right to practice any religion & free speechAre religious conversions & hate speeches affecting social harmony? Critically examine 

Demand: Balanced approach is required considering the constitutional freedom without affecting society harmony.


  • – Brief on recent conversions for political gain (3 Marks)
  • – Brief account of vote bank politics through hate speeches  (4 Marks)
  • – Practice of religion without any forcefulness & controlling hate speeches without hurting the sentiments through proper use of law  (3 Marks)

GS Paper II (E-Governance- Hattrick)

India’s e-commerce industry is ripe for consolidation. Critically examine.


Reduced  funding flows in India by investors compared to 2016 due to cash burns by start ups. Pros & Cons of consolidation.


  • – Discuss the reason for consolidation in detailed manner. Also highlight on pros and cons. (7 Marks)
  • – Impact of this consolidation on e-commerce industry  (3 Marks)

GS Paper III (Economic Development + Infrastructure – Dynamic) (Simplex)

1st Unit of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant has become operational. Discuss its significance. Also enlist the challenges faced by upcoming nuclear plants in India with possible solution.


After large public protest, it has become operational. List down the challenges with solution learning from Kudankulam.


  • – Discuss the social & economic significance of power Kudankulam plant to people (5 Marks)
  • – Discuss the challenges with probable solution to move ahead for other power plants (5 Marks)

GS Paper IV (Ethical Values – Hattrick)

You are a district collector. One video on social media has gone viral. This video is on beating the people brutally for 30 mins and looks from your district.  On the face of it, it shows that they are being beaten for keeping beef in their home. What would be your immediate action and long term measure?


Balanced action is demanded instead of completely believing in video without investigating.


  • – Search the video filmed location & inform your seniors. Contact local police station and take the actual scenario
  • – Try to take down the video from social media to avoid any communal tension
  • – Study that why police did not approach for 30 mins of long time
  • – Aid the victim as soon as possible and order the investigation of the people who took law & order in hand

  • – All questions on this series are available for revision at – Target Mains
  • – The DNA (Demand and Approach) Framework for each question is updated at the end of day
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