[Day 9] Target Mains: Skill Enhancement Prog. IAS Mains 2016

GS Paper 1 (Duplex = Static + Dynamic)

Cyclones in India are quite often nowadays. What are measures taken by state & national government to reduce the casualty? 


Static based with current approach


  • – Discuss old measures & new measures (3 Marks)
  • – Recently state govt. took good measure  (5 Marks)
  • – Discuss challenges & solutions ahead  (2 Marks)

GS Paper 2 (Duplex = Analytical +  Dynamic)

A sport in India is seen broadly as a pastime and not something that needs to be encouraged on a professional level. Time and again, there have been several discussions regarding reforms in various bodies related with sports. Discuss.


Reforms by Lodha Panel recommendations should be discussed here.


  • – Briefly explain the problems (3 Marks)
  • – Possible solutions needs to be discussed with reference to Lodha Panel  (3 Marks)
  • – Challenges ahead in implementation and ways to tackle them  (4 Marks)

GS Paper 3 (Duplex = Analytical +  Dynamic)

Black Money has become a menace in this country. Discuss the steps taken by government to reduce the black money circulations ? Suggest ways ahead to curb more effectively.


Black money, failure/success of scheme and future measures


  • – Problems with earlier act/ steps to curb Black Money, its implementation & Results  (3 Marks)
  • – Recently, people were encouraged to disclose black money and its result should be analysed  (4 Marks)
  • – Way ahead to reduce the transactions & black money  (3 Marks)

GS Paper 4 (Simplex = Analytical)

You are district collector. You came to know that bridge on river has collapsed and two buses with passengers are carried away in river current due to heavy rains on upstream. You are recently appointed there as collector. How would you handle the situation? What would be your plan of action and steps to minimize the further damage 


Immediate, medium and long term action is needed with rescue operation.



  • o   Rescue team has to be contacted with informing seniors.
  • o   Take the help of local people as rescue team will take time to arrive
  • o   Closure of the traffic in both directions
  • o   Contact PWD department to know what are other bridges & locations in danger
  • o   Find out number of people in bus and look for survivors


  • o   Form groups of local & rescue team at various places along the river
  • o   Take the help of technology to find the survivors

Long term-

  • o   Find out the reason why this happened
  • o   Carry the structural audit all bridges
  • o   Order investigation and take steps to avoid these

  • – All questions on this series are available for revision at – Target Mains
  • – The DNA (Demand and Approach) Framework for each question is updated at the end of day
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