[Day1] Target Mains: Skill Enhancement Prog. 2016


All geared up for mains? Looking at the present scenario, most of the aspirants (who checked off 107+ from their IAS Prelims 2016) would be thinking of joining a test series to get themselves into some sort of a zen discipline of committing to a mains level writing marathon. 

One Tip: Don’t get frustrated when your verified copies are not received on time. If you have joined a TS, just focus on the written word and keep writing tests. 

Free Initiative: We thought of contributing to your preparation by giving you some quality questions for answer writing. This initiative – “Writing Skill Enhancement for 2016” 

Details: Our academic wing is going over all the important current affairs of the past 1 year and is curating a list of selected questions. Not just CA but also the static portions of the syllabus will be kept in mind while framing the questions. 

Our aim: To provide you with good quality questions which will be open to debate and discussions on our forum so that everyone can feed off each other’s knowledge.

How does it look? Every day, 4 questions (1 from each GS Paper) would be put up on the website for you to attempt –

  1. GS Paper 1
  2. GS Paper 2
  3. GS Paper 3
  4. GS Paper 4

UPSC has listed out detailed topics under above papers. We would be giving the questions pertaining to any one topic under every paper. Every Day. 

Those questions would be open for discussion. By the end of the day we would be listing out the best answers for the day with one model answer of the most discussed question in a proper format.

A consistent performer on 5 questions would get Civilsdaily goodies. What’s in the goodies? Harry Potter – The Cursed UPSC Child 😉 Kidding!

  • What makes up for a perfect IAS Mains level answer? 
  • Where is this initiative going to be consolidated on the website?

We are going to put in details on these but first, to judge your level of seriousness, we would like you to attempt this question:

GS Paper 3:

#1. In India, the RBI does not target any exchange rate. RBI intervenes in the foreign exchange market only to manage the volatility and to manage the disruption to the macro-economic situation”. Elaborate on the above statement. 

  • Try to keep your answer within 200 word limit
  • We will provide model answer to this question by late tonight
  • Will try to comment on a few of your attempts

DNA of the question (Demand & Approach)


Question is asking about RBI’s role in maintaining/ controlling exchange rate fluctuations.


  • This is a statement. It has to be discussed on the basis of opinion
  • First take a stand on whether you agree with the given statement or not
  • Discuss about RBI’s role in determination of Forex Market
  • Throw light upon type of exchange rate system followed in India
  • How is RBI’s management of ER seen by the economy as a whole

Best Attempts?

See the comments below.

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