[Day4] Target Mains: Skill Enhancement Prog. IAS Mains 2016

Questions of the Day

GS Paper I (Indian Culture  – Static)

Bring out the differences between Dyabhaga and Mitakhasa schools.Which part of public life are they related to?

Demand: Factual and direct question. Cater to the demand and stick to word limit.


Two schools of Hindu law have to be explained and their public life image.

GS Paper II (Governance – Analytical Dynamic)

Legislative is to frame, executive to execute and judiciary to interpret and protect laws. What are reasons for imbalance observed in  Indian Polity? 

Demand: Doctrine of checks and balances to be analysed in recent Indian context


  • Definition of Doctrine
  • Instances viz Keshawand Bharti , Rain Basera (work of executive), be cited
  • Reasons : Country in transition,limited resources,overburdened offices
  • But imbalance is checked by other organ
  • NJAC striking down and  criticized by other organ  

GS Paper III (Economic Development – Static+Dynamic+Analytical = Once in a lifetime question Hurray 🙂 )

‘Monetary policy is like juggling six balls connected with elastics. Pulling one more impacts the other.’ Elucidate 

Demand: Focus on macroeconomic parameters and it strikes right balance by RBI. 


  • – Write about the Credit Growth.
  • – Long term Injure Reserve and Short term Injure Reserve holding,
  • – Foreign reserves and it’s impact on Inflation. 
  • – Relevant examples and instances be cited 

GS Paper IV (Dimension of Ethics in Public Life – Static+Dynamic) 

Recently in a local daily, a regional activist blamed Indian politics of lacking role models post independence. Critically analyse his statement

Demand: Question wants one to analyse present political leaders in comparison to Bhagat Singh ,Lala Lajpat Rai.

Undue criticism of present day politics should not be done.


  • – Political culture is world apart. Compare it. 
  • – Earlier fighting common enemy in Britishers but not ills of society.
  • – Earlier icon /cult type culture but now moving towards issue based politics.
  • – Healthy practices of politics. 
  • – Examples: GST Implementation

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