(Tomorrow) 3rd Decimate Prelims Free Test | Few seats remaining for Sprint Prelims 2021 – Intensive revision program (link inside)

The third Decimate Prelims Open(free) Test 2021 has been scheduled for 31st Jan. The test will go live at 10 am.

To help you understand your current preparation level before the start of our DECIMATE PRELIMS 2021 program three Free prelims tests were scheduled on 17th Jan, 24th Jan, and 31st Jan 2021.

How to give the test?

After registering for the test follow these steps:

You’ll also receive links in your email inbox.

Other details:

  1. Price- FREE
  2. These are full-length tests- 100 questions, 2hrs
  3. Mode- Online, in English

What to do after enrolling in the test?

If you haven’t attempted the first two tests yet, attempt them. Test solutions and explanations will be emailed to you as soon as you submit the test. Check your All India Ranking. 

Quickly go through the solutions. Join us on this (click) Habitat group for the discussions and for doubts. We’ll discuss on how to proceed from there.

Sprint Prelims 2021

Click here to enroll for Sprint Prelims 2021

Click here to enroll for Decimate Prelims 2021

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