Dominate Prelims 2.0 for UPSC Prelims 2024 | Logical skills and Predict Prelims Workshop, FLTs and 1-1 Mentorship

Dominate UPSC Prelims 2.0 Program starts 19th Feb

Score 30 marks above Prelims cut-off

Predict Prelims workshop, Logical paper solving skills, FLTs and 1-1 Mentorship

Understanding the Prelims exam and optimizing your attempt is a skill set in itself. One could read through 100s of books, and 1000s of notes and yet wouldn’t get a good grip on how to tackle the paper.

This course is scientifically designed to hone your skills.

Most of you are constantly focusing on building knowledge the academic pillar. It is a necessary condition but not a sufficient one. 

From my experience, I know for sure that most of you don’t lack knowledge. You just don’t know how to finetune your creative and predictive pillars. 

Dominate Prelims 2.0 for Prelims 2024

Program starts 19th Feb

Whatsapp/Call here for queries: +91 73033 16700

Program Details

Course fee: Rs 5,000 + GST = Rs 5900 Rs 5310 (10% off for 24 hours)

The program starts: 19th Feb 2024

Whatsapp/Call here for queries: +91 73033 16700

Enroll in Dominate Prelims 2.0

Program starts 19th Feb

What do my (previous batch) Dominate Prelims 2023 students have to say?

Zeeshan sir LIVE with his UPSC Prelims 2023 successful students
WhatsApp messages from previous students under Dominate Prelims program

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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch