Dominate UPSC Prelims 2024 with Zeeshan sir | Enrollment open

Dominate UPSC Prelims Program starts 25th Jan

Target 110+ in UPSC Prelims 2024: Crash Course by Zeeshan sir

Course completion (CA + related GS), Test Series, Mentorship, Strategy Zoom Sessions, and 3 Rounds of Revision

Hi everyone, 

This is Zeeshan Sir. UPSC Prelims 2022 and 2023 were the most unpredictable papers in the past 20 years! Indirect questions and application-based questions are on the rise. UPSC is testing your ability to perform under stress. 

A basic crash course with few lectures + tests will not help you stretch your imagination. It is a recipe for disaster. 

Dominate Prelims 3 Pillars – Academic, Creative, Predictive 

50 Questions = Academic

30 Questions = Creative

20 Questions = Predictive

Most of you are constantly focusing on building knowledge the academic pillar. It is a necessary condition but not a sufficient one. 

From my experience, I know for sure that most of you don’t lack knowledge. You just don’t know how to finetune your creative and predictive pillars. 

Dominate Prelims 2024: Crash Course for UPSC Prelims 2024

Program starts 25th Jan

Whatsapp/Call here for queries: +91 73033 16700

Program Inclusions

1. Lectures and Notes – 1.5 years CA and linked GS topics 

Starting 25th January, there will be sessions on all major subjects. Our focus will be covering 20 themes that are repeated every year – schemes, species, wildlife sanctuaries/national parks … The entire list is available here.  

These themes require special focus. Additional dimensions need to be covered that are not mentioned in the newspaper. 

We don’t want you missing a single question from these. 

2. Test Series: Evidence-based questions based on the UPSC’s current trends

Our test series are designed to provide the highest hit ratio. We understand what you leave out and what to include. 

Click here for the Test Timetable

We’ll have 60 UPSC Prelims Mock Tests that will include: Sectional, Current Affairs, Advanced, Full Length Comprehensive and Practice tests

3. Creative Paper-solving sessions (10 Zoom sessions) 

Starting in February, once you are done with the basics, we will have 10 sessions of Paper Solving 

  1. PYQ analysis and PYQ Anchoring – work backward to understand the mindset of UPSC. 
  2. Practical paper-solving skills using Pre-Existing Knowledge (PEK)
  3. Constructive Answer Derivation
  4. Rational Risk Taking

Without these skills, it is IMPOSSIBLE to clear the exam. Every ranker knowingly or unknowingly masters these techniques.  

4. Predict Prelims (10 Zoom sessions) 

Using methodical PYQ analysis, Zeeshan sir was able to predict 42 questions in UPSC Prelims 2023. Become familiar with this methodology and make your preparation more focused.   

5. Evolving your approach for attempting UPSC prelims paper

Understand what works for you. 

Schedule 1-1 post-test discussion after you attempt a test to understand your gaps. 

Assess if you have higher accuracy vs a higher number of attempts.  

What is more effective, attempting from question 1 or going section-wise?

Program Details

Course fee: Rs 8,000 + GST = Rs 9,440

Program starts: 25th Jan 2024

Whatsapp/Call here for queries: +91 73033 16700

Dominate Prelims 2024: Crash Course for UPSC Prelims 2024

Program starts 25th Jan

What do my (previous batch) Dominate Prelims 2023 students have to say?

Zeeshan sir LIVE with his UPSC Prelims 2023 successful students
WhatsApp messages from previous students under Dominate Prelims program
upsc prelims 2024

Lectures: Schedule and Details

This includes Phase 1: High Yield Theme lectures that will cover your UPSC Prelims Syllabus through Current Affairs and related GS topic coverage.

Phase 2: Creative Paper solving techniques classes by Zeeshan sir will be held in February 2024

Phase 3: Predict Prelims 2024 classes will be held in March 2024

Dominate Prelims 2024: Crash Course for UPSC Prelims 2024

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