Don’t Miss Out! These 7 Free Habitat Sessions Can Transform Your UPSC IAS Preparation

Attend free sessions on Habitat’s General club here (click)

The difference between success and failure is getting the right advice by the right people at the right time. And even one session with our expert mentors can completely transform your preparations. 

Sounds too good to be true? Well, join them for a session and decide for yourself. 

And it’s totally FREE. No strings attached, we promise! 

This is the timetable:

11:30 pm – Prelims strategy, Essay and Ethics with Zeeshan sir

Gets the sharpest updates on Daily Current Affairs with Anjum Sharma’s Chat pe news

4:30 pm – Chat pe News with Anjum Sharma

Develop a comprehensive understanding of International Relations with Arpita Roy

5:30 pm – IR with Arpita Roy

Dig deeper and know more with Amit B sir

6:00 pm – Amit B Sir’s Abhigyan sessions

Gets the smartest tips to crack CSAT and Efforts GS with Ravi Ranjan

7:00 pm – CSAT with Ravi Ranjan

Sharpen your Economics with Amoghavarsha

8:30 – AmoghavarshaEconomics Gamified

Score high with least effort, learn Ethics with Rohit Yadav

9:30 pm – Rohit Yadav’s Ethics sessions

It’s your career, missing out is not an option! Join Now.

Attend free sessions on Habitat’s General club here (click)

By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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