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Let’s admit this As much as we have heard our seniors, mentors and toppers advise us to answer fewer questions in Prelims exams due to negative marking, do we want to follow it? All of us wish to answer as many questions as possible correctly. However, post 2014 questions have started getting tougher so much that now –

Prelims is no longer about selecting the right option. It’s searching for the correct option by eliminating the incorrect ones.”

Let’s take a sample question from Prelims 2021 Paper —

Constitutional government means

  1. a representative government of a nation with federal structure
  2. a government whose Head enjoys nominal powers
  3. a government whose Head enjoys real powers
  4. a government limited by the terms of the Constitution

An average aspirant gets confused between 2-3 options. Option a), b) and d) look equally correct but you have to select only one. The right answer is option d). How can you find out what was the missing criteria in option a) and b) which option d) fulfilled to emerge as the right answer?

Attend the free webinar by Santhosh sir to get the answer.

Key Takeaways of Santosh Gupta Sir’s Free Prelims Orientation Webinar

1. Complete Analysis of the 2021 Prelims Paper. How to change your preparation methods right now?

2. The 7 Steps of Tackling Prelims 2022. How to maximize revision and minimize study materials?

3. Significance of Current Affairs. Is it really declining in Prelims?

4. Important Topics to Cover for Prelims 2022 for every subject. What are the correct study materials for these topics?

5. Time-Tested Elimination Techniques. How to use these techniques in sample questions?

Webinar Details

Prelims question papers have become more or less like a game of Sudoko. Except, in Sudoko you can solve the puzzle at your leisure and over here you are limited by 2 hours. We hope this webinar will help all 2022 aspirants implement the suggestions of Santosh Gupta Sir.

Date: 18 November 2021 (Thursday)

Time: 7 P.M

About Santosh Gupta Sir

Santosh sir has scored above 140 twice in UPSC prelims and 120 plus in all 6 attempts. He has written all 6 mains and has appeared for Interviews 3 times. He has qualified UPSC EPFO and BPSC 56-59th also. As the Prelims coordinator at Civilsdaily, he has helped 15 out of 25 students clear the prelims examination this year.

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