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Do you know only 42% of toppers clear UPSC CSE examinations in their first attempt? The rest clear it because they didn’t give up. In our student Jayant Nahata’s (AIR 56, UPSC 2020) words, “Do you want the pain of hard work or do you want the regret of failure?”

Sajal Sir has helped over 400 aspirants secure ranks in the last 6 years. This year, he has guided over 30 students to secure ranks in the top 100 in UPSC 2020. He was the topper of GS 2017 Mains.

Our next mentor, Sudhanshu Sir has cleared mains 3 times, attended interviews twice and has served the Ministry of Defence for 10 years.

And this is what both of our mentors have to say to you —

“It doesn’t matter how much you believe you scored based on the answer key, start preparing for mains right now! Study daily, every day and CONSISTENTLY. Do not give up on studying or spend more than 2 days without preparation until your name shows up on the list.”

We understand that this year’s paper was tricky. We know you have burnt the midnight oil for months. You might be doubting yourself right now. But this is not the time to lose hope. This is not the time to give up. The Prelims results are not out yet. Do not stop preparing for Mains!

Watch this video by our Civilsdaily student Anil Kumar Rathore who failed 4 times before he cleared UPSC’19 with AIR 81.

You have already tried one way of preparation and it has not helped you get a really high score. Why waste another attempt trying to do the same things and expecting new results? Speak with us and learn a new way to prepare – the preparation technique that is specially designed to fetch high scores.

Why Samanvaya 2022?

With a dedicated 1-1 mentorship program, we use the tried and tested ‘SMART’ method of preparation that has helped more than 400 students become officers!

  1. Syllabus Completion
  2. Managing time consistently
  3. Awareness of your weak areas
  4. Revision of completed modules
  5. Test series every week

At Civilsdaily, your assigned mentors interact with you on a daily basis. They are not just teachers, but coaches, philosophers, and guides. And this is how they will help you succeed:

  • Motivating you for one whole year and pushing you to complete the modules on time.
  • Helping you restart preparation despite low scores in test series.
  • Helping you study for 6 hours everyday if you are working.
  • Guiding you on how to revise the whole syllabus 3 months before prelims and mains.
  • Providing you topic-wise notes.
  • Teaching you elimination techniques, tikdams and helpful strategies like 4-2-4 model of preparation.
  • Keeping you updated on what to study and from where to study.

Is it too early to start preparing for Mains 2022?

Aspirants who become toppers devote the first 6-7 months of preparation for mains and the next 5-6 months for prelims revision and test series. This gives them an edge; they know how to write and present facts plus they can remember the same facts for prelims. So there is no better time than NOW to start mains.

AIR 148 UPSC 2020 topper and our Civilsdaily student Ponmani explains why answer writing with mentorship for Mains is necessary.

How have UPSC Toppers benefited from our Mentorship so far?

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After filling the form, rest assured, you will hear from a dedicated mentor in the next 24 hours.

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