From village to IAS – A journey of hope | Dr. Pankaj, AIR 56, UPSC 2019 | UNHERD: Civilsdaily’s Topper series | Video link inside

Dr pankaj yadav rank 56 UPSC 2019

Dear students, this one is special.

As a part of Unherd topper talk series we are pleased to introduce you all to Dr. Pankaj. He has secured AIR 56 in UPSC 2019 exams.

Shweta ma’am in conversation with utterly hopeful Dr. Pankaj discussed what approach and mindset is required for an aspirant. Coming from a village in Haryana to an IAS now, Dr. Pankaj is an inspiration. His honesty, conviction, and humility is contagious.

Watch the video to know more. (Click on set a reminder. The session will go live at 7 pm.)

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About Dr. Pankaj:

Dr. Pankaj hails from Haryana and is an MBBS from PGI Rohtak. This was his third attempt, he is already in IPS and is currently posted in Imphal. A Morgan Freeman fan he loves meditation, running, and playing volleyball as well.

Dr. Pankaj feels deeply for the issues faced by society and administration. He is going to be a great administrator.

We are proud of Dr. Pankaj and wish him all the very best for his future.

Unherd Topper Talk series is a Civilsdaily’s initiative. We want to highlight what makes these toppers, their approach, and strategy different from the herd. And you will also be getting a sneak peek into the moments of their lives that are unheard of.

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Want to see your name in the final list but facing issues like figuring out a successful strategy, or have no guidance, or lack discipline.

Aspirants, be it at any stage of preparation have a number of questions like: How to start? When to start writing answers? How and from where to cover current affairs? When to start mains? and a lot more of them.

Well, Don’t keep these questions with you. We are here for you. Let’s talk and discuss.

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