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Register for PDF of 20 most important terms by Sajal sir on Union Budget 2023-24 & Economic Survey 2022-23 by the mentor of 1000+ UPSC rankers, Sajal Singh, MS ( Financial economics) from Carleton University Canada

Sajal sir will share these PDFs: 1) Hits and Misses 2) List of key terms 3) Highlights of the Union Budget 2023-24 4) Evaluating Union Budget 5) New Initiatives Launched.

The economic survey and Union budget are the two most important economic documents of the Government of India. They outline the vision for the Indian economy, government initiatives and schemes, challenges faced, and mitigating strategies.

The importance of the Union budget and economic survey can’t be overstated, not only for UPSC prelims but also for Mains and Essay as well, it is a not to be missed section for preparation. Even for UPSC interview candidates, these lecture series are very important.

An open lecture has been scheduled to be taken by Sajal Singh, Co-founder of CD, Economist by education, Public policy specialist by interest, and GS Main Topper in UPSC-CSE 2017. 

Details of the Session:

  • Topic: Key themes in Union Budget & Economic Survey for UPSC CSE 2023 & 2024
  • Get a recording of Lecture 1 and register for subsequent FREE lectures
  • Date and Time: Will be shared soon
  • Mode: Offline + Online
    • Offline Venue: Civilsdaily IAS Center, 1LGF, Apsara Arcade, Karol Bagh
    • Online:-Zoom link will be shared on email post registration

Note: Entry is on a first-come, first-served basis. Limited seats are available.

Key takeaways: How to prepare Union Budget & Economic Survey for UPSC 2023?

The lecture will give students a detailed understanding of the survey and budget, key issues, concepts, and technical ideas discussed in it. The course is designed for both students who have no background in economics and have some familiarity with economics.

It will go beyond the survey and budget to make students understand the static theories behind the idea presented in the survey. 

Importance of Economic Survey and Budget

Economic Survey and Budget are the 2 most important documents that you will go through in your exam preparation.

  • Economic Survey discusses all the major government initiatives with the explanation.
  • If we go by the trend, every year around 20 questions in prelims and 7-8 questions in mains are directly related to the Economic Survey and Budget.
  • Questions in the prelims paper stress important phrases, key analysis, technical terms, and data. Hence they have to be thoroughly studied.
  • Almost mandatory to imbibe actual phrases used in Economic Survey to frame answers for Main Examination. for example, if a Question is asked on Banking sector problems in the mains exam, you can always quote all the important recommendations of the 2022 economic survey.
  • Adding important and relevant facts and figures significantly enhances your marks in General Studies Paper III.
  • Deep knowledge of the current policies and programs of the government also helps an aspirant to write meaningful Essays in UPSC Civil Services Main Examination. For example, Wiping every tear from every eye “Twin balance sheet problem”, “translating potential into actuality” Etc.
  • According to the new trend economy and the environment is going hand in hand. So questions can come from that perspective also.

Note: Entry is on a first-come, first-served basis. Limited seats are available.

A Quick Bit About Sajal Singh

Sajal Singh is an MS in Economics from the Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, and an MS in Financial Economics from Carleton University Canada. NET(JRF) in Economics qualified. He obtained the highest marks in GS papers in UPSC Mains 2017 and appeared in several UPSC CS interviews. He also heads the Civilsdaily flagship Smash Mains initiative with an over 80% success ratio in the Mains exam.

What will students gain?

  • De-jargonize the documents. Making it easy for students to read the bulky document and precisely point out the important points.
  • Not miss anything important. Specially non-economics students risk
  • Ensure all conceptual details are covered.

CivilsDaily’s FREE Webinar package

Post-webinar we will share important PDFs, timetable framework, and notes.

Other than this a strategy package will be emailed to you.

Note: Entry is on a first-come, first-served basis. Limited seats are available.

What The Hindu mentioned about Civilsdaily Mentorship

Smash Mains Program is headed by Sajal sir himself
Sajal sir personally guided 200+ rankers in 2021-22

Note: Entry is on a first-come, first-served basis. Limited seats are available.

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