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Economics MCQs from an Intl. ECO Newspaper

I am posting these ones from some good newspapers sources. Donno how you will all appreciate but …

1. Gold tranche referes to…?
a.) A loan system of the World Bank
b.) One of the operations of a Central Bank
c.) A credit system granted by WTO to its members
d.) Quota holding norm under the IMF

2. The highest form of economic integration is
a.) European Economic Community
b.) European Union
c.) European Monetary Union

3. Refugee capital is?
a.) Investment made by refugees in the US
b.) Investment made by the UNCTAD in developing countries to empower the refugees
c.) Aid given y the World Bank to promote the welfare of refugees in war tone countries
d.) Investment made by developed country investors in developing countries

4. What is international development association?
a.) A voluntary association of developing countries
b.) A federation of International lending agencies
c.) An affiliate of World Bank
d.) An organization of donor countries of European Union

5. The REER is calculated with?
a.) Pound Sterling
b.) Dollar
c.) SDR
d.) A basket of selected currencies

6. The infant industry argument is often advocated wth?
a.) Price discrimination
b.) Product diversification
c.) Protection
d.) Resource mobilisation

7. Dumping aims at flooding a foreign country with…
a.) High-priced commodities
b.) Low-priced commodities
c.) Commodities with similar prices
d.) Commodities with fluctuating prices