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Dear students,

An important announcement, after sessions on Introductions to Ethics on Habitat group, today Sukanya ma’am will be taking the first chapter – Ethics and Human Interface.

Our approach

We are taking a fundamentally different approach to cover ethics.

Here is what our observation has been with learning on Habitat

  1. Reading from a book can be monotonous. And when you are starting from scratch, completing a book can be a very time-consuming process. Definitely not the best utilization of your time. In contrast, Habitat is a very vibrant ecosystem. It gets you up and running by having deep discussions.
  2. Learning via habitat is easier, quicker, and very less straining on the brain. You could be exhausted and you will still learn a lot of things.
  3. Discussions lead to better retention. It creates strong linkages in your memory. So you do not have to mug up things. You will recall the discussion that happened.

Every student attending the session is following the conversations and is in a very active state.

Join the Ethics Habitat group (Click here)

What all is going to be there?

The group will be administered by Sukanya ma’am, UPSC toppers and in-service officers. From discussions to answer writing sessions are going to be held there in a planned manner.

Ethics for UPSC

Developing strategy:

How to tackle Section A questions or what should be the approach to write the perfect case study? When so many beautiful minds will be at work, surely we will find answers.

Planned progression:

Discussion and syllabus coverage is going to be planned beforehand for a week to ensure we cover each and every topic in the syllabus. It is going to ensure discipline and consistency.


2-Sep-20 ETHICS AND HUMAN INTERFACE – DISCUSSION What is Ethics?; Origin of Ethics; Essence of Ethics; Determinants of Ethics; Consequences of Ethics
3-Sep-20 GENERAL DISCUSSION 3 Schools of Ethics
4-Sep-20 GENERAL DISCUSSION Approach to Ethics; Dimensions of Ethics; Ethics in Private and Public Relationships

ethics plan for upsc

Join the Ethics Habitat group (Click here)

Personalized and targeted approach:

It’s personalized and customized to your individual learning competencies, situation, attitude, and aptitude. You are going to learn as per your learning competencies, we are just going to make it efficient.

Answer writing and discussion:

This is one of the most important offerings this group has to offer. Discussions on previous year questions and topic-based questions. Answers to them are reviewed and discussed thoroughly. You don’t want to miss this session.

ethics for upsc

Notes and references:

All the important readings, references, and materials are suggested and can be shared on a regular basis. Based on the reference material shared, important topics are pointed out and discussed.

Join the Ethics Habitat group (Click here)


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  4. Choose a username.

For access through Mobile app:

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  2. Click on Join a Workspace.
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