Ethics 2021 September Batch Starts today at 5PM. Join the Habitat Group Now

How to cover ethics for upsc

This group is intended for students who are beginners and are preparing for 2021. The group for Advanced Ethics Course for 2020 will be floated after prelims. 

We start with the basics sharp and 5 PM. The topic for tomorrow will be announced today.

Dear Students,

We are taking a fundamentally different approach to cover ethics.

Here is what our observation has been with learning on Habitat

  1. Reading from a book can be monotonous. And when you are starting from scratch, completing a book can be a very time-consuming process. Definitely not the best utilization of your time. In contrast, Habitat is a very vibrant ecosystem. It gets you up and running by having deep discussions.
  2. Learning via habitat is easier, quicker and very less straining on the brain. You could be exhausted and you will still learn a lot of things.
  3. Discussions lead to better retention. It creates strong linkages in your memory. So you do not have to mug up things. You will recall the discussion that happened.
  4. Every student attending the session is following the conversations and is in a very active state.



  1. Click on the link provided above.
  2. Choose Web Application. (Mandatory)
  3. Enter your details. Click on ‘Register a new account’.
  4. Choose a username.
  5. Send a Hello in the group.

For access through Mobile app:

  1. Install the Mobile application (click here) from your Appstore.
  2. Click on Join a Workspace.
  3. Enter this in the Workspace URL –
  4. Use the same email id and password as you used above.
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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch