Failed/Cleared UPSC Prelims 2020! What next?

UPSC prelims results were as unexpected as the questions in the paper were. Some of you cleared, and some couldn’t. Irrespective of the result for you, there is an urgent need to address this question – What next?

Sajal sir will try to help you address this question in this motivational session.

Students were reaching out to Sajal sir for this and he decided to reach out to you all. Hope it brings clarity on one hand and motivates you for your next move.

Get details on QEP 2020 for Mains here:

Mains FLTs 2020:

Essay FLTs 2020:

Write to us at or Whatsapp at +91 8929987787 for any query.

Those who couldn’t clear fill this -Samanvaya form for a free one-to-one mentorship call with senior mentors from Civilsdaily.

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