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Hello aspirants, how is josh!

Our philosophy is simple. There are 20 SureShot themes and these need dedicated focus. Need to be your number 1 priority.

Yes. I want SureShot Notes

You need to (1)prioritize based on the frequency of news + you need to be (2)comprehensive covering all dimensions that have been asked in Previous Year Questions.

Here are snippets from our Schemes and Species notes.

Yes. I want SureShot Notes

The story doesn’t stop here! Having consolidated notes is the 1st step.

You need to prepare these topics through the prism of PYQs. Here is a video where Zeeshan Sir is explaining various interesting dimensions-how you need to focus on ‘superlatives’, questions from popular species won’t be direct, how to spot unconventional species, etc.

I want to know how to prepare better.

I only want SureShot Notes

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