Free Live Webinar on 100 Days Action Plan for Prelims-2022|| By Civilsdaily Mentor Santosh Sir Who Cleared Prelims 6/6 Times with Above 145 Marks|| Don’t Let Prelims Take You By Surprise|| Limited Slots Available, Register Now

For the past 1 year, you might be learning in a way where you know there are gaps but you are unable to bridge them. It is possible that you have revised the syllabus 5-10 times, it is also possible that you have solved 1000s of MCQs and it is quite possible that you have given 2-3 attempts. Yet you are scoring in the 90s and failed to qualify for Prelims by a whisker.

It’s now all about fast tracking your learning and making the best use of these 100 days to change your prelims result altogether.

Did you know that a score of 85 can be increased to 110 with just 10 correct questions? Only 10 correct questions can help you get 26.66 marks!

Now that you are convinced that it’s not all that hard to score above 120+ in Prelims, Santosh sir will tell you how can you see this improvement in the next 100 days.

What will you Learn in this Free Live Webinar by Santosh Sir

1. What is the 5-point strategy to keep in mind for Prelims 2022? It’s never to late to implement them even if you have missed these for long.

2. What are the Prelims Specific Focus topics for 2022? Know the static + current affairs topics under each subject with maximum weightage.

3. What is the 3-step process for 5 revisions till prelims? In case you have only done few revisions till now, know how to squeeze two more revisons for all subjects.

4. How to maintain consistency for the next 100 days? Have 4 study slots in a day.

5. Surprise questions from current affairs. Based on Previous Year Papers, what were the surprise questions in the preceding years and what can be expected this year?

6. Last minute notes for last minute revision. How to make quick-shorthand notes which you can revise a day before exam?

7. What are the difficult topics in every subject which can negatively affect your Prelims score? Know the sources to refer to improve your conceptual clarity.

The last 15 minutes of the session will be in Q&A format and all participants are welcome to clear their doubts with Santosh Sir.

Webinar Details

Prelims might only be the first stage of UPSC, but it’s undoubtedly the toughest one. Sometimes, staying focused and knowing in-and-out of the exam is the only way to remain optimistic and confident.

Date: 28 February, 2022

Time: 7 PM

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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch