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‘It always seems impossible until it’s done’–Anonymous.

CSE Prelims is the first phase of the Civil Services Exam but not necessarily the simplest. There is a significant difference between the syllabi of the Preliminary and Main Exams, as well as the nature of the questions, so the preparation strategy must be well thought out. However,  there is no fixed, deterministic path to success in this highly subjective, uncertain exam.

When many aspirants around are feeling anxious, nervous, or panic stricken, our step-by-step hourly basic 30 days’ revision strategy won’t let you get bored even for a minute. It enabled you to enjoy every second of your revision & ultimately secure 125+ in UPSC-CSE prelims 2022. Design your entire study like a game with the unique Gamification method. 

Attend the free live webinar conducted by Civilsdaily’s Senior IAS & Prelims Mahasangram mentor to get value-added insights on how to utilize time & revision spontaneously.

Webinar Details

Grab the chance to get power-packed guidance on how to utilize even a single second for intensive revision in a planned and organized manner. This webinar is absolutely free. All aspirants are warmly welcome to attend.

Date: 27th April, 2022 (Wednesday)

Time: 7PM to 8PM

Tips & Techniques to Learn in This Free Live Webinar by Amoghavarsha Sir!

  1. How to face UPSC Prelims with full confidence using Gamification Method. What should you focus on each day? What is ‘Gamification methodology’ toppers applied to?
  1.  How toppers use the 20%-80% rule in time-management. The salient features of this rule in every aspect of last time preparation.
  1. The unique power of ‘Pareto Principle’. Why it is extremely important on the eve of Prelims will also be discussed.
  1. How to level up your overall multiple revisions and retention power of GS topics for UPSC-CSE prelims 2022.
  1. How to bring Ancient History on your fingertips by creative ‘Zura has to complete this Quest within 7 hours study rules will be discussed too.

About Amoghavarsha R

Amoghavarsha R sir comes from an IT-Engineering background. He has been a seasoned senior IAS mentor in Civilsdaily since 2020. He is the introducer of modern ‘Gamification Teaching Methodology’. He likes to teach GS subjects.

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