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Get Free Prelims Notes on Registration. UPSC-CSE 2023 Notification is out.

1st February (Wednesday) at 7:30 PM | UPSC webinar on How to utilize the last 4 months (120 Days) before UPSC Prelims 2023 by Zeeshan sir | Get Free Prelims Notes on Registration

Last 120 Days’ Preparation will decide if you are writing UPSC Mains 2023 or not.

The UPSC Prelims 2023 is just knocking at the door because UPSC-CSE 2023 notification is out. The majority of candidates are about to finish their syllabus, which includes reading books and newspapers, taking notes, attending classes, taking practice exams, and—most importantly—psychologically preparing for the exam.

But, these are not enough to clear UPSC Prelims in 2023.

Zeeshan sir, a senior IAS mentor who helped many to crack UPSC Prelims with 120+ marks often says, “When time is limited, you must maintain more balance between learning and execution.”

In this case, 2 different rock-steady strategies are the only things that are required for… 

  • GS Paper
  • CSAT Paper

And in such a situation even a veteran fails to manage time for both papers. On the other hand, you can’t value your time without a workable strategy. 

You can neither afford to fail UPSC Prelims 2023 nor regret it later. Don’t miss the super important session by Zeeshan sir

Know how to utilize the last 120 days before UPSC Prelims 2023 and get a Master Timetable with strategy

Webinar DETAILS:

Topic: 4 months’ rock-steady strategy for UPSC Prelims 2023.

Date and Time: 1st February (Wednesday) at 7:30 PM

Link: Zoom link will be shared on email post registration

Key takeaways: How to make a timetable for UPSC?

  • What should be your approach for the next 4 months even if you have not covered the entire syllabus for the preparation for UPSC 2023? Strategy for the next 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, and the last 30 days will be shared with you.
  • How to divide your time for both GS and CSAT papers?
  • How to cover uncovered and revise segment-wise?
  • How to cover the UPSC syllabus? The syllabus, and not the books, must be completed. Focussing on the essentials first.
  • Time management: You just need to invest 5 to 6 hours per day effectively for UPSC’s success. How to effectively manage preparation time? Update your timetable and set new revision targets.
  • Managing UPSC preparation with a serious time crunch; job – working professionals, college students, and family (especially for homemaker aspirants)
  • He made a UPSC trend analysis and based on that decoded the expectations and pattern of UPSC 2023. Zeeshan sir will share 10 essential themes for the upcoming exams that one must not ignore whether it’s UPSC Prelims 2023.
  • Short-time smart Revision techniques that are common, standard, and used frequently. What exactly are they?
  • How to take full advantage of the FREE CivilsDaily’s Preparatory Package and personalized mentorship session

You can neither afford to fail UPSC Prelims 2023 nor regret it later. Don’t miss the super important session.

Feedback on Zeeshan sir’s mentorship by AIR 65, Pranav (from Quora: https://qr.ae/pvH4yA)

CivilsDaily’s FREE Webinar package

Post-webinar we will share important PDFs, timetable framework, and notes.

Other than this a strategy package will be emailed to you.

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