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How to Crack UPSC without leaving your fulltime job? || Free Webinar
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Lack of Time or Lack of Time-Management?

UPSC-CSE is not only one of the toughest exams of the world, but one of the longest as well. An exam that is a year long, needs a preparation of 2 years to clear it.

Some of us have family responsibilities that cannot and should not be neglected. Maybe you are the only earning member of your family. But, is it impossible to juggle UPSC CSE and work? Not at all. It might be challenging, but it’s an achievable ambition. One needs the discipline to study everyday, whether they had a good or a bad day at work.

All aspirants get only 24 hours in a day, how they spend every hour determines their final result.

Does this mean there will be no scope for rest as a Working Junta? Don’t be surprised if we tell you toppers like Srishti Jayant Deshmukh (AIR 5, 2018) and Roman Saini (AIR 18, 2013) found time to take breaks in between their college studies (engineering and medical respectively) and UPSC preparation! While Srishti took a 5 minute break after every 30 minutes, Roman took a 10 minute break after every 1 hour.

Why should you attend this webinar?

When we asked Vaibhav Rawat and Ravi Kumar their secret of topping the exam despite working 8-9 hours everyday, their answer was time management and syllabus completion.

Instead of complaining about the limited time they had, they completed modules assigned by us within that time. Sometimes, they got 6 hours in a day and sometimes 5 hours. But after office, they never let the stress of work distract them. Nor did they compare their preparation to other full-time aspirants and get demotivated.

Every topper has their own time-management technique. As a working junta, its about time you learnt them. This is what Sudhanshu Sir will address in this upcoming webinar. You will not only get to know how to balance work and study in a day, but also when to take breaks in between the two!

What will you learn in this Webinar?

1. The 4 different phases of UPSC preparation. What to study in each phase?

2. Our 5-hour Step-by-Step learning plan. Also time-management techniques of other toppers.

3. Avoiding mistakes that cost you an attempt. How to kickstart your preparation in the right direction?

4. Advantages of being a UPSC aspirant as a working professional. What do you have that others don’t?

5. Studying smartly. How can you use the Civilsdaily App to get consolidated material that can save your time?

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At the end of the session, Sudhanshu sir will hold an interactive Q&A session where all beginners and veterans are welcome to get solutions for their issues.

Webinar Details

Everyone is welcome to attend our free webinar for working professionals by Sudhanshu Sir. All you have to do is register your details.

Date: 28 October, 2021

Time: 6 PM

About Sudhanshu Sir

Sudhanshu Sir has served in the Defense Ministry for 10 years. He has a keen interest in regional and global geopolitics and has ample experience of various other competitive exams as well. Experienced with UPSC CS and Several State PSCs.

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