From IIT to Civil services | Life beyond Tech World | Jayant Nahata, AIR 56, UPSC 2020 || UNHERD: Civilsdaily’s Toppers Talk Series (Link inside)

Talk to Jayant’s UPSC Mentors-

In this Unherd Interview, We are joined by AIR 56 Jayant Nahata.

A graduate from IIT Delhi, Jayant looked beyond the tech industry and wanted to be part of the social development of society.

“Do you want the pain of hard work or do you want the regret of failure?” is the mantra that kept him going through the UPSC preparation.

Maintaining consistency and managing time is one of the most difficult issues faced by many aspirants. Take this opportunity to learn the techniques of time management and planning from Jayant.

Civilsdaily is proud to present AIR 56 Jayant Nahata and congratulate him on his future endeavors.

Let’s hear more from the winner himself in the video.

To know more about Civilsdaily:-

Heartiest congratulations to Jayant Nahata

AIR 65

UPSC Civil Services 2020

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