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Dear Students,

 As an aspirant, we all wait for that imaginary moment when we are done with all the revision and have this tendency to delay answer writing.

The bitter truth is that the moment when you are done with all your revision and ready for answer writing will never come. You should remember that the confidence of writing good answers comes only by writing more and more answers. Some things are best learnt by doing only and learn from your mistakes. Take swimming in this case. You will only learn when you are in a pool and not by watching tutorial videos or watching others swim.

A test series gives you the opportunity to test yourself and also helps you in improving your writing.

Our previous year FLTs have exceptional hit ratios. Go through the posts below to understand what we are talking about –

UPSC Mains 2018 GS Paper 1 – Solutions, Sample Structures and Repeated Questions from CD Mains TS

UPSC Mains 2018 GS Paper 4 – Solutions, Sample Structures and Repeated Questions from CD Mains TS


We are excited to launch our Mains Full-Length Test Series Program for 2019. As usual, we are incorporating a lot of feedback and bringing a better offering.

Here are questions from Fourth  full-length test (Ethics)

Q.1 The many ills that our society as a whole is suffering today is mainly due to crises of values. Comment. Discuss the causes of value crisis in modern society? (10 marks)

Q2. What do you mean by ethical governance? What are the components of ethical governance? Discuss the measures that should be taken to ensure strengthening of ethical and moral values in governance. ( 10 marks 150 words)

Q3. You are posted as S.P of a sensitive district. There is a project of infrastructure development going on in your area related to widening of a road passing through the main market. However, on the road lies a mosque which has been illegally constructed on government land and has to be removed in order to widen the road. The project has been pending for a long time but no civil servant wants to touch it as it is a very sensitive issue because of the communal sensitization of the area.

The main particular political party in the area is also supporting not to demolish the mosque due to political interests. Your senior officials have also given a blind eye to the issue for long. Members of the committee who run the mosque went to court, but lost the case. High Court has also directed the state government to remove the mosque from the market road. But no official wants to burn his hands. Now, the District Magistrate has asked you to demolish it using force. You understand that removing the mosque may lead to violence, it can even spark communal violence also. The junior officers are also showing their reluctant attitude to participate in the work. Political parties have their particular interest in it.

Answer the following questions based on the above situation:

(a) What are the dilemmas faced by you in the above situation? Explain.(5 marks)

(b) What are the options available before you? Discuss them with their merits and demerits.(10 marks)

(c) Which course of action is best and why?(5 marks)


Q4. Discuss the ethical issues involved in giving freedom to civil servants to express their political beliefs and attitude as part of their freedom of speech. (10 marks 150 words)

Program Inclusions

1. Checked Copy Discussion on Phone
We are known to provide individual attention to students. We have further standardized our program. Now students can schedule a call within 2 days of receiving their checked copies by replying back to us with their availability. We have kept it 2 days so your mentors can easily recall your attempt.
This is the biggest reason why you should join our TS. Major issues with your attempt will be highlighted and your improvement will be tracked in subsequent tests.

2. Question Formulation
Our questions will now specifically state that
>Whether they are straightforward or thought-provoking/analytical.
>Whether they have subparts.
>Why this question – similar previous year questions, the importance of the theme, etc.
CD Innovation – Rather than the regular uninspiring questions, we have gone the extra mile and crafted unique, intellectually-stimulating questions. These will reward analytical ability and critical thinking. These questions will be marked with a ‘star’.

3. Model Answers
> For ‘thought-provoking/analytical‘ type of questions, we’ll provide the best way to approach them.
> Alternate introductions
> Sub-headings and categorization to enhance readability and answer structure.
> Color coding for main arguments, reports, data, scholars, etc.
> OTB – *Out of the box points for additional marks*

4. Answer Checking
Answer-copy evaluation in the industry has become stagnant. The focus is restricted to superficial, memory-based lapses rather than on analytical excellence and cross-domain inter-linkages.
Our stress will be on the following –
1. Superior introduction and conclusion.
2. Usage of subject-specific vocabulary.
3. Articulation proficiency.
4. Substantiating evidence like Government and International Reports and Indices.
5. Prominent and contemporary examples.
Thorough answer checking with oversight of rankers like Dr. Vipin Garg(AIR 20), Swapnil Pawar (AIR 525)

5. Video Discussion
There will be a video discussion after every test where the mentor will discuss how you can write the best answers to the questions asked in the test. Mentors will also be sharing answer writing strategy with students so that they can gain extra marks in Mains

6. One to one mentorship 
We believe in constant guidance and support approach and therefore we will provide a dedicated one to one mentorship group for students of the module where they can have peer discussions as well as doubt clearance via mentors.
The group will also have toppers who will personally guide the students. The students can always raise there preparation related query in the group.

7. Magazines, listicles and other relevant study material
Supplementary content provided will be helpful in covering multiple related questions.


Fees – Rs. 9K + Taxes.

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