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2020 – Mains Essentials Program . Click here to enrol now! 

Click here for master Master Timetable for Batch 2. The dates of the mains program are also mentioned.

Dear Students,

As aspirants, we all have a tendency to wait for that perfect moment when we would have completed the syllabus and done with all the revisions before we get to attempting answer writing.

The bitter truth is that there is no such perfect moment. It is only delaying your answer writing. You should remember that you will build confidence only by writing more and more answers, not by postponing the date to be more thorough with the .

Some things are best learnt by doing. Take swimming for example. You will only learn when you jump in the pool, not by tutorials or by watching others swim.

A test series gives you the opportunity to test yourself and also helps you in improving your writing.

Our Mains Test Series had the highest hit ratio among all the Test Series. If you followed our platform/study material, you would’ve written above average answers for all questions. Almost 60 percent Questions in UPSC Mains 2019 GS 1,2,3 and 4  came from our test series.



We are excited to launch our Mains essential program for 2020. As usual, we are incorporating a lot of feedback and bringing a better offering.

Here are some sample questions from our Environment sectional mains test

Q.) The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process was brought with an ideal intention but it has lost its importance and practical utility. Critically examine. (10 marks)

Q.) As the Arctic continued to be warm and the temperature difference relative to the equator has reduced, many strange climate anomalies have been witnessed around the world. Examine. (10 Marks)

Q.) National Urban Transport Policy emphasizes on ‘moving people’ instead of ‘moving vehicles’. Discuss critically the success of the various strategies of the government in this regard. (10 marks)

Q.) Expediting the migration to electric mobility(E-vehicles) will not just benefit India environmentally but also economically and socially? Discuss

Q.) What is sustainable development mechanism(SDM)? Compare and contrast it with clean development mechanism? What are the possible challenges and benefits of SDM? discuss. (15 marks)

Program Inclusions

1. Checked Copy Discussion on Phone
We are known to provide individual attention to students. We have further standardized our program. Now students can schedule a call within 2 days of receiving their checked copies by replying back to us with their availability. We have kept it 2 days so your mentors can easily recall your attempt.
This is the biggest reason why you should join our TS. Major issues with your attempt will be highlighted and your improvement will be tracked in subsequent tests.

2. Question Formulation
Our questions will now specifically state that
>Whether they are straightforward or thought-provoking/analytical.
>Whether they have subparts.
>Why this question – similar previous year questions, the importance of the theme, etc.
CD Innovation – Rather than the regular uninspiring questions, we have gone the extra mile and crafted unique, intellectually-stimulating questions. These will reward analytical ability and critical thinking. These questions will be marked with a ‘star’.

3. Model Answers
> For ‘thought-provoking/analytical‘ type of questions, we’ll provide the best way to approach them.
> Alternate introductions
> Sub-headings and categorization to enhance readability and answer structure.
> Color coding for main arguments, reports, data, scholars, etc.
> OTB – *Out of the box points for additional marks*

4. Answer Checking
Answer-copy evaluation in the industry has become stagnant. The focus is restricted to superficial, memory-based lapses rather than on analytical excellence and cross-domain inter-linkages.
Our stress will be on the following –
1. Superior introduction and conclusion.
2. Usage of subject-specific vocabulary.
3. Articulation proficiency.
4. Substantiating evidence like Government and International Reports and Indices.
5. Prominent and contemporary examples.
Thorough answer checking with oversight of rankers like Dr. Vipin Garg(AIR 20), Swapnil Pawar (AIR 525)

5. Video Discussion
There will be a video discussion after every test where the mentor will discuss how you can write the best answers to the questions asked in the test. Mentors will also be sharing answer writing strategy with students so that they can gain extra marks in Mains

6. One to one mentorship 
We believe in constant guidance and support approach and therefore we will provide a dedicated one to one mentorship group for students of the module where they can have peer discussions as well as doubt clearance via mentors.
The group will also have toppers who will personally guide the students. The students can always raise there preparation related query in the group.

7. Magazines, listicles and other relevant study material
Supplementary content provided will be helpful in covering multiple related questions.

2020 – Mains Essentials Program . Click here to enrol now! 

Click here for master Master Timetable for Batch 2. The dates of the mains program are also mentioned.


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