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Dear students,

We understand that the UPSC exam is a generalist exam. It’s more important to cover more issues than to cover one issue in more depth. Hence, through Samachar Manthan, we are trying to maintain a fine balance of covering many important news items and having a detailed discussion on selected topics which require the same. On daily basis a news gets repeated multiple times. Scattered knowledge is not adequately useful when you have to write a 200 words answer within 6-7 minutes. To handle this, Samachar manthan covers such issues in a comprehensive and consolidated manner which is the smart strategy.

Benefits of Samachar Manthan

  • Packed 3 – 3.5 hours Weekly videos will focus on news and its importance from both prelims and mains perspective.
  • This program will also help you understand how to utilize current affairs in all your prelims and mains papers.
  • This ideology makes this course the best utilization of your time.
  • Detailed coverage would mean analysis from all the angles like background or history, features, significance, challenges and way forward. Also, multiple sources like epw, diplomat magazine etc will be referred to in the video lectures.
  • Such an approach will help in writing multidimensional answers.
  • Also which part of the topic is important from mains and prelims perspective will also be discussed.
  • Audio Visual Learning is more impactful than simply glancing through the material. So that you are able to retain information for long also interlink with any new information you get.
  • 4 stage structure of Video->Notes->testing->review to perfect your preparation
  • The sequence of video->Notes->testing->review is the best way to ensure maximum retention and a rock solid preparation. Each component of the program has been meticulously crafted.

For example this week, we will be covering the following issues;


  • Rise in onion prices (Detailed analysis)
  • Do India require High -speed rail?
  • Fall in GDP growth 
  • Imphal to Mandalay flight service
  • Nationwide Artificial Insemination Programme (NAIP)
  • List of certain G.I. Tagged Handloom Textile Products

Enviro & Biodiversity

  • Coalbed Methane (Detailed analysis)
  • Rohtang Tunnel
  • Species in news: Trachischium apteii
  • [Editorial] Stubble burning is not the only culprit
  • [op-ed snap] Widening gap: On UN’s Emissions Gap Report 22
  • UNDP Accelerator Lab 23
  • Common But Differentiated Responsibilities and Respective Capability (CBDR-RC)
  • Species in news: Clownfish


  • Named Driver Policy
  • Kartavya Portal
  • Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2019 (Detailed analysis)
  • QS World University Rankings for Asia
  • The Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu (Merger of Union Territories) Bill, 2019
  • Yuwaah Youth Skilling Initiative
  • Organ donation in India (Detailed analysis)


International Relations 38

  • [Editorial] Delhi needs to engage with Moscow on the unfolding Sino-Russian naval partnership
  • Kalapani Territorial Dispute(Detailed analysis)
  • UNESCO Convention against the trade of Cultural Property, 1970
  • Global Migration Report 2020


  • Rules for the Conduct of Business
  • Mizoram revokes Forest Rights Act
  • Explained: The Bodoland dispute
  • [Editorial] Preventing political coalitions of convenience
  • [Editorial] India’s enduring document of governance
  • Should the Office of Governor be scrapped?   (Detailed analysis)

Science Tech

  • FASTags
  • Cartosat-
  • “Contract for the Web”
  • Dendrochronology

Security Issues 59

  • Budapest Convention on Cyber-Security
  • Exercise MILAN 2020
  • Exercise Him Vijay
  • Exercise SURYA KIRAN – XIV
  • Gujarat terror law


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