Get ready for upcoming September Current Affairs Prelims Test on 26th October- sample questions highlighting our methodology

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Dear students,

31st May 2020 is the D-day for all civil service aspirants.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.”

This quote by Abraham Lincoln sums up how one should prepare for that day. So before entering the battlefield alone should have enough practice. Our Prime Prelims Test series which shall enrich you to acquaint yourself with the pattern of CSE-2020, assess your abilities, rectify your mistakes and make you confident to appear on the examination day.

Our Prime Prelims Test Series follows the same approach as that adopted by UPSC. Our team of experts is quite enriched with the UPSC pattern and focal point of the questions and hence creates more chances for the aspirants to crack civil service examination by appearing our Test Series.

The key philosophy of our prelims TS is Evidence-based question making: The 3600 questions you face in our mocks have their relevance established in UPSC’s trend analysis. We focus on themes that are important as per UPSC so that we maximize your chances of questions overlap with the actual UPSC Prelims.

Nothing speaks more than the facts itself rather than a mere jargon. Here is a list of 5 sample questions from the upcoming test which will help you in identifying the standards and approach we follow. (you can skip this if you want to attempt these directly in the test). 

Noone but only you can assess how it will help you in being the top percentile of aspirants. You have to practice ruthlessly and civils Daily provides you with a platform to hone your skills.

Q.1) With reference to International science projects, consider the following:

  1. Large Hadron Collider (LHC)– The God Particle
  2. Thirty Metre Telescope (TMT) – The World’s Most Advanced Telescope
  3. International-Thermonuclear-Experimental-Reactor (ITER) – Fusion Energy
  4. Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR) – Antiproton and Ion Research

Which of the above projects have India’s active participation?

a. 1 only

b. 2 and 3 only

c. 1, 3 and 4 only

d. All of them


Q.2) Project ANDREX is in news related to:

a. the finding of biological carbon pump in the Antarctic ocean

b. the discovery and confirmation of methane on the surface of Mars

c. climate change impact in the Arctic ice sheets

d. None of the above


Q.3) Consider the following pairs regarding Water Harvesting Practices:

Practices                                        States

1. Mission Kakatiya                  Telangana

2. Pani Panchayat                    Jharkhand

3. Jalyukta Shivar Abhiyan   Gujarat

Which of the pairs given above is/are correctly matched?

a. 1 only

b. 2 and 3 only

c. 1 and 3 only

d. All of them


Q.4) The following statements describe which of the given places in the options?

1. It lies on the Coromandel Coast which faces the Bay of Bengal.

2. It is also known as Seven Pagodas.

3. The entire assemblage of monuments of this town collectively designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1984.

Select the correct answer using the code given below:

a. Puri

b. Kakinada

c. Mamallapuram

d. Madurai


Q.5) Consider the following statements with respect to Eastern Economic Forum (EEF)

1. It was established to support the economic development of eastern countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

2. India participated in the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) that was held in Vladivostok, Russia.

Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct?

a. 1 only

b. 2 only

c. Both of them

d. Neither of them

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Abhishek Verma
Abhishek Verma
3 years ago

5 of 5 answer correct
1) d
2) a
3) a