Guys , my lonely preparation is giving me troubles :(

is there anyone out there who feel the same way as me, n feel the need to compare preparation strategies, coz i am all for truly dedicated aspirants as my preparation buddies right now….

my style of preparation is :
1. in my home (Hyderabad)
2. current affairs : Civils daily n Insights on india
3. other topics : mostly Ncerts, n other books (usually what toppers suggest)
4. currently just started on my test series of insights
5. making notes in “Evernote” (if u also have evernote we could share our notes, knowledge, answers ..what not)

am usually a fast reader, n catch up quickly on others opinions, n i study for 6-7 hrs, 3hrs for current affairs, other 3-4 hrs for remaining, no such thing as weekly breaks but from time to time(when i feel like it) .
That’s it about me , so if anyone feels they could work along with me in going through this exam , then let me know…

let me be clear on this,am here only for those who need some study companion like me , those who work good alone or who has their own study group i wish them all the best