The Habits That Will Help You Build a Strong Mindset for IAS Prelims

Every day, it seems there are a thousand things pulling at our attention and energy – chapters left to revise, subjects we did not pay any attention to, test series which are dangling on our heads like those menacing daggers and of course the D-Date of the IAS Prelims.

What routines can we practice to help us stave off these unwanted fears, nagging uncertainties and remain focussed for the next month and a half?

#1. Take 3 minutes every morning and focus on 3 things that you are deeply grateful for and 3 that you strive to accomplish in life.

Think big – don’t think of the immediate exam, don’t think of the next task at hand but think of the ideal future that you dreamt of. The finish line and beyond to this marathon which has been ON for an year or so. Feel the warm glow, the soft brush of the sunflower field as you walk through it.

This is the psychology of positive reinforcement and this will ensure that your subconscious works towards making that dream a reality.

#2. When you are depressed and feeling like there is no way out, how do you keep moving? 

  • Shun the useless motivational crap. When you are down, you are down. Period. The point #1 works as positive reinforcement only when you commit to it as a daily habit NOT as a knee jerk – feel good trick to fool your mind.
  • Do this – Sit down. Take up a blank page. And start writing 50 things which need to happen to make things right for you. This may sound stupid but it is not. Trust us. When you start writing things, after the first 10 generic, stupid ideas you will get into the zone of problem solver

The first 10 will be the most obvious ideas – the next 20 will seem vague and random but the last 20 or last 10 will have the most nuanced wisdom which you can give to yourself. These will be the most actionable items and will help you let go of the fear of unknown and get back to action.

#3. Stop being commitment phobic. Don’t wait for the right time to test yourself. Don’t wait for the ideal number of revisions before you attempt those mocks. Any mocks will do. Be the smart one here. It’s okay to feel embarrassed at your low scores NOW than to feel dejected after the exam. It’s okay to learn from your peers now than to sit in the crowd and take in gyaan from the rankers an year later.

There is a chinese proverb, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Or better, this

So, commit to the CD Mocks today

5,000+ students have already registered their attempts and are filling their knowledge gaps. The leaderboard is LIVE and your ranks will give you a ready reckoner of your improvement areas.

Here’s the link to the mocks.

  • The mock #6 to #10 are FREE to give you the runway for the FINAL Mocks
  • The last 4 Full Length tests are PAID and will help you evaluate your overall growth for the final lap!

Go, Go , Goo.

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