Complete UPSC Prelims & Mains Booklist to Finish the Vast Syllabus on Time|| Free Live Webinar With Civilsdaily Mentors Ravi Sir & Pravin Sir || Limited Slots Available, Register Now

If there’s one aspect of UPSC-CSE preparation that all aspirants struggle equally, then it’s the vast syllabus. There’s no other qualifying exam in India where you would be asked questions from all the subjects (From Science to Ethics, From Polity to Geography) like UPSC-CSE.

Many aspirants get confused when they see many toppers and institutes recommend different books for the same subject. They end up reading all of them. And before they know, there’s only 3 more months for the exam while they have only completed 3 subjects.

Open to All, Free to Attend Live Webinar with Pravin sir & Ravi sir

Do you know that there is a difference between referring a book for a few topics v/s reading the entire book?

And that’s why it appears as if toppers are superhumans who can read nearly 3000-4000 pages for a subject within a month. The reality is however far from true. There are certain books like Pax Indica and Norman Lowe’s World History where only 200-300 pages are meant to be read for UPSC-CSE. An aspirant who doesn’t know this will end up reading the entire 1000 pages!

This coming Thursday, our Civilsdaily mentors Pravin sir & Ravi sir will take time off their busy schedule to share the all encompassing booklist for Prelims and Mains. This booklist has been curated keeping in mind a span of one year with 6-7 hours of studies per day. They will also suggest the best approach to study and understand a particular topic and additional sources to refer (apart from your standard books). They also highlight the PYQs of this topic.

In UPSC-CSE 2020 prelims exam, every 3rd ranker in the top 100 was a Civilsdaily student. Our toppers have time and again mentioned that they found our consolidated booklist useful for preparation.

Key-Takeaways of Free Live Webinar by Pravin sir & Ravi sir

1. What is the best book to refer for a topic in a subject? Based on 6 year paper analysis of UPSC-CSE.

2. What are the common books for both Prelims & Mains. And what are the prelims-specific and mains-specific sources?

3. Ancient & Medieval History is becoming tougher every year. What is the best book you can refer for both?

4. Online sources for UPSC-CSE. What are the subject-wise committee reports you need to read for the exam?

5. Only two consolidated sources for Current Affairs. What are they?

Webinar Details

If you want to get the nuances of UPSC-CSE preparation right in the first go, then this free webinar is for you! Just fill the form and let us know the question you want to ask Pravin and Ravi sir in the one hour long session on Thursday.

Date: 23 December 2021 (Thursday)

Time: 7 PM

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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch