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A couple of interesting newsbits

* BRO revamping strategic bridges on war footing
– The present Bailey bridge at Koksar, is unable to bear heavy load of vehicles.
– Important as all supplies to the Army personnel deputed on the border areas in Leh-Ladakh are sent from this strategically important route.
– The two bridges of 70-meter and 30-meter span are to be constructed at Koksar on Chandra river in the tribal district of Lahaul and Spiti.
– Will also help localites transport agricultural/horticultural produce

* SMC develops online app to charge green fee
– The Shimla Municipal Corporation (SMC) has decided to launch app-based online system for charging green tax from tourists visiting Shimla from September.
– It has exempted all residents from paying the green fee whose vehicles are not registered in the state.
– The green fee will generate about Rs 15 crore every year for the SMC
– The SMC abandoned the plan to set up the green tax barrier
– SMC will erect bill boards and hoardings at the national highway and entry barrier at Parwanoo to make tourists aware about the green fee
– Fee being charged in order to facilitate tourists, giving them clean and green Shimla and protect the green environment of Shimla

Comments from @root

  • – This is the official thread for Himachal’s Current Affairs
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  • – Anything which escapes the national conscience in general due to bias media coverage

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