Webinar Today @ 4PM, Registrations Closing in 3 Hrs|| How did I revise 2 years of UPSC preparation in the last 60 Days to Prelims Exam? || Free Live Webinar by IAS Officer Yogesh Kapse || Limited Slots, Available, Register Now Copy

With only 60 days remaining for UPSC 2022 Prelims, your preparation must revolve around revision and attempting tests. At this stage, aspirants become more stressed and anxious than when they first started their preparation. Having a foolproof strategy for the last two months can work wonders — especially for those falling on the borderline, scoring between 80-90 marks in the mock test series. Now is the time to focus on improving your performance and boosting your scores.  

While many of you, would have felt easier following a timetable for an entire year, you might not be sure how to revise every topic in the syllabus along with test series and current affairs of 1.5 years within 60 days.

Open to all, Free Live Webinar by IAS Officer Yogesh Kapse (2020 Batch)

Neglecting the last 60 days of preparation can be counterproductive as you will miss the golden opportunity to strengthen the areas where you might be consistently scoring lower.

Just practising test series alone for the entire two months or reading the textbooks is not going to help due to the unpredictable nature of the Prelims exam. Questions from most of the mock test series don’t actually feature in the real exam. However, it teaches one the art of intelligent guessing.

Understanding the concern of 2022 UPSC aspirants, we have invited IAS Officer Yogesh Kapse to guide future civil servants on how he prepared for Prelims 2021 in his last 60 days. Was there a difference in the intensity of preparation? You can register for this webinar to find out.

Yogesh Kapse IAS cleared the exam in 2020 with an All India Rank 249. He is the son of a farmer and had given four attempts previously. While he attended the mains thrice, he attended the interview twice and missed the final ranking by a whisker. His never-give-up attitude is the reason why he is an IAS officer today.

What will you Learn in This Free Live Webinar by IAS Officer Yogesh Kapse?

1. The ideal number of study hours Yogesh Kapse IAS maintained in the 60 Days of Prelims. How did he divide one day for static revision, current affairs revision and test series?

2. Yogesh Kapse’s revision strategy for Prelims. What was the static-dynamic revision plan that made his preparation count in the exam?

3. Is analysing previous year question papers required for UPSC Prelims? Yogesh Kapse IAS answers.

4. How to finish 8 subjects in 8 weeks? Including NCERTs, standard books and test series.

5. Making notes out of test series. How many test series one should take in the last 60 days and how to make notes out of test series?

6. How did Yogesh Kapse make 1 page notes out of a chapter running 25 pages? The elements of your micro-notes from prelims perspective.

7. Important current affairs topics for 2022. What to study and what to exclude right now?

8. What did Yogesh Kapse IAS do to relax and unwind other than social media? Why is it important to take a break to gain better focus?

Webinar Details

This Ask me Anything session is free for all aspirants to attend but is perfect for anyone looking for a refreshing break from their grueling studies. Only limited slots are available, so register ASAP.

Date: 20th March, 2022 (Sunday)

Time: 4 PM

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