1. Daily 4 questions from General studies 1, 2, 3, and 4 will be provided to you. (Click here for Daily Questions)
  2. A Mentor’s Comment will be available for all answers. This can be used as a guidance tool but we encourage you to write original answers.
  3. You can write your answer on an A4 sheet and scan/click pictures of the same.
  4. Upload the scanned answer in the comment section of the same question.

5. Along with the scanned answer, please share your Razor payment ID, so that paid members are given priority.

6. If you upload the answer on the same day like the answer of 1st June is uploaded on 1st June then your answer will be checked within 72 hours.

7. If you are writing answers late, for example, 1st June is uploaded on 3rd June, then these answers will be evaluated as per the mentor’s schedule.

8. Also, if you are uploading an answer late then tag the mentor-like @Swatantra so that the mentor is notified about your answer.