How to clear UPSC CSE 2022 after doubtful 2021 performance?| Fill Samanvaya for free 1-1 mentorship

Half-way through your preparation for UPSC-CSE 2022 and feel stressed? After attending UPSC CSE 2021, do you feel the exam is highly unpredictable ? Of course, not! If you want to know what UPSC expects from its candidates every year, then continue reading. 

In 2020 alone, Civilsdaily helped 80+ students secure ranks in the exam. Over 25 Civilsdaily students secured ranks in the top 100. Many of these aspirants were also struggling to clear the exam in one attempt. With our guidance, they became more confident and focused to see their LSBNAA dream come true.

Listen to all their stories and strategies on our toppers talk series, Unherd.

Do you want to know how we planned their daily timetable till the interview stage? Fill up our mentorship form now to get a detailed 1-on-1 counselling session within the next 24 hours! We combine your hard-work with our guidance to derive the right formula for success!

Dear Students,

Many say that the Prelims 2021 paper was harder than Prelims 2020, a close analysis however reveals that there are more similarities than differences. Though one did not expect questions from sports this year, we all can agree that both the papers tested the application of current affairs knowledge to all the subjects.

Trends from the last five years tell us that UPSC is keener on testing conceptual clarity of topics from the syllabus. So, it’s no longer about reading GS, Optionals and Current Affairs in isolation. If you are reading a plethora of books or watching random videos, it’s time to reconsider your way of preparation. 

Avoid Common Preparation Mistakes Early On

Unlike other exams, UPSC decides your fate based on what you have studied for the last 12-15 months over 1 month before the exam. Hence, rectifying preparation mistakes at the eleventh hour will not help you.

AIR 148 UPSC 2020 topper and our Civilsdaily student Ponmani explains why answer writing with mentorship for Mains is necessary.

Last month we mentored around 3500 IAS aspirants, some of whom were beginners and others who had an experience of few attempts.

We resolved common doubts related to right sources for various topics, answer writing for mains and how to crack the personality round. We found out that almost all of these aspirants struggled in one area or the other.

If someone was excellent in scoring at prelims test series, they were not confident about mains. If someone was good at history, they were not sure about science and technology. If someone had time to revise their GS portions, they did not have time for Optionals.

But is it wise to neglect your weak areas? Toppers manage to maintain slightly above average scores in all the subjects. 

How Do Our Mentors Guide You

This is where you require a mentor. A mentor helps you understand where your preparation stands as of now and what more needs to be done to fulfill the expectations of UPSC. A mentor will help you maintain your focus even when the pressure is high, instead of succumbing to it.

This is how Civilsdaily mentorship helped Pranav Vijayvergiya clear the exam after 2 failed prelims attempts.

Samanvaya is a mentoring program with 3 phases

Watch what our Civilsdaily student and UPSC 2020 topper (AIR 42) Shreya feels about our mentoring program.

1. 30 minute counselling session: Once you fill the form, our senior mentors get on a 30-40 minute call with you to understand your preparation level, study constraints, your strategy for the last 6 months, and create measurable targets for next week, next month and so on.

2. Access to our invite-only chat platform, Habitat:  This is where you can post your daily doubts, discuss your test questions and have real-time, live discussions on news and op-eds, and connect with other aspirants in your optional groups.

.3. 1 on 1 mentor allotment: The mentor will be available on scheduled calls with you throughout all the stages of your UPSC preparation and will daily assess, evaluate, and plan the next module according to the available time.

Who are you?

Working Professional? Working and studying for UPSC though is not impossible, it certainly gets hectic. Your mentors will go through the entire syllabus of UPSC with you and plan a workable timetable. 

Full time preparation? If you are allocating a year to prepare for IAS 2022, we will help you pick the right books and design practical & personal strategies that you can follow everyday

Once you have filled the form, we will call you within 24 hours.

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