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The UPSC exam is undoubtedly the toughest exam in India with a syllabus so vast that most students feel overwhelmed within just a few weeks of starting their preparation. 

In fact, the 2 biggest problems students face while preparing for this exam are:

  1. Syllabus Management And
  2. Time Management

FACT: As an aspirant, you can either spend a lot of time and effort trying to figure out how to cope with your syllabus and manage time or you can simply speak with our mentors and get the right study plan and timetable custom-made for you!

So, how can you learn to manage time and your syllabus? Here’s what you can do!

  • Syllabus Management:
    • Go through the entire syllabus thoroughly.
    • Mark the topics you feel comfortable with and those you aren’t familiar with.
    • Break down the syllabus into small parts and prioritise them in order.
    • Gather the relevant study material for the syllabus and start studying them in order.
    • Figure out where you need guidance – Is it with the subject matter? Do you need help with organising your syllabus? Or you just aren’t sure how to begin?

Our guidance program is, in fact, designed specifically to solve this problem. We speak with students personally and understand their concerns on a one-on-one basis. Our mentors spend time understanding the individual requirements of our students and teach students how to break down the syllabus and create a plan they can stick to.

This is what our mentors do after speaking one-on-one with students:

  1. They assess the students and understand their requirements.
  2. They develop a study plan for the students that match their learning abilities.
  3. They break down the syllabus for the student to make it easier for them to cope.
  4. They provide important study material so that the student doesn’t feel lost.
  5. They provide regular feedback to students to help them remain focused.
  6. They handhold the students at every stage of the exam, supporting them with all their needs.
  • Time Management:
    • Prioritise your study material
    • Complete the easier topics first.
    • Allocate at least one hour to answer-writing
    • Allocate at least one hour to MCQ practice
    • Make notes on Current Affairs while reading the newspapermatter?
    • Allocate at least 2 hours for your optional.

This plan, however, does not suit everyone since every student has a different learning pace and different time available. Our guidance program solves this problem by creating a personalised timetable for you after speaking with you personally. Our mentors understand the requirements of students and they know which topics require how much time. That is why they prepare a customised timetable for you and all you need to do is follow it!

So, if you are starting to prepare for the exam, do not waste your time trying to reinvent the wheel. Just get in touch with us and we will create a study plan that is based around you. 

Limited slots are available. Don’t wait, get in touch immediately!

Few Kind Words before we wrap up.

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