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How to cover UPSC Economics syllabus in 20 days for Prelims and Mains?

Step by Step strategy & approach: FREE Session 1 by Jatin sir

Are you entangled in the web of GDP, Fiscal Policy, and Inflation? Do terms like “Repo Rate,” “Monetary Policy,” and “CPI” seem like a cryptic language you can’t decode?

You’re not alone. Economics, as a part of the UPSC’s GS Prelims and Mains (GS Paper 3), is a subject that often elicits dread and confusion among candidates.

The complexity, coupled with the sea of resources, leaves many aspirants spending wasteful months on the subject, often without making meaningful progress.

Jatin Gulati Sir, a senior faculty member at Civilsdaily IAS, is here to reveal that secret formula. This inaugural Synopsis Series session aims to remove the mist of confusion that surrounds Economics and provide a laser-focused approach to your preparation.

Don’t Spend Months—Invest Just 20 Days of guided Self-Study

The key to conquering UPSC Economics syllabus isn’t to learn more but to learn more effectively.

About Synopsis Series

A streamlined set of power-packed sessions aimed at the most effective UPSC syllabus coverage, one subject at a time, giving you a laser-focused approach.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill lecture. It’s a strategic blueprint packed with actionable insights that will pivot your approach from “learning” to “strategic learning.”

Twenty Days of Economics: The Ultimate Dividend on Your UPSC Investment.

Don’t just study hard; study smart with the Synopsis Series.

FREE Session: UPSC Economics in 20 days

Registration details for Session 1 of Synopsis series

Topic: How to cover UPSC Economics syllabus for Prelims and Mains in just 20 days? Detailed approach, important topics and strategic blueprint

  • Date: 4th Sept 2023 (Monday)
  • Time: 7:30 pm Onwards
  • Fee: FREE and Open to all

Zoom Meeting Link will be sent via your registered email address.

Who should attend this webinar?

  • Beginners: Confused about “Budgeting” vs “Fiscal Policy”?
  • Intermediate Learners: Find “Inclusive Growth” abstract? or Need to upgrade your “Land Reforms” and “Infrastructure” concepts
  • Advanced Aspirants: Need pointers on revision and marks improvement

Why you must attend this session?

  1. Demystifying Jargons: Decode the language of economics, making it intuitive and relatable.
  2. Previous Year’s Roadmap: An exhaustive analysis of past questions to predict the unpredictable.
  3. Strategy Over Content: “In UPSC Economics, the ‘how’ often matters more than the ‘what.'”
  4. 20-Day Plan: “Efficiency in UPSC is not about doing more but about achieving more in less time.”
  5. Accelerated Learning: Learn the art of covering the entire syllabus in just 20 days without compromising on quality.

Key areas that will be covered in this session:

The approach and strategy for UPSC Economics syllabus will be covered in the first session

These are the key topics that we will be dealing with:

  1. Economic Growth and Development: Understand the macro-micro balance and concepts like HDI, MPI, and GEM.
  2. Poverty and Inclusion: From definitions to eradication programs, and the relevance of financial inclusion.
  3. Demographics: Decode Census data, population by state, age group, and socio-economic status.
  4. Fiscal Policy: Deep dive into receipts, revenue, capital account, tax revenue, and expenditure.
  5. Mains Focus: From budgeting to effects of liberalization, and infrastructure; every area that UPSC Mains emphasizes on.
  6. Resources and Strategy: Make your study plans UPSC-relevant and time-efficient.
  7. Supplementing and covering government reports, surveys like Economic Survey, Union Budget, and other reports.

Mastering Economics is not about quantity, but quality of time invested.

What can you expect to learn from the session?

  • Understanding the upcoming trend, UPSC’s new paradigm is evolving. How UPSC has changed over the past couple of years and how you should adapt?
  • Chucking old ways of UPSC preparation and building a solid foundation that is flexible and adaptable.
  • Basic syllabus mastery: NCERTs and Standard Books Learn which sections of NCERTs and Standard Books are essential for UPSC and how to make effective notes from them.
  • NCERT & Standard book Selection: Discover the must-read NCERTs that provide a comprehensive understanding

We’ll be sharing a personalized study plan after the webinar

CivilsDaily’s FREE Current Affairs package and personalized UPSC study plan

Post-webinar you will get your Personalized study plan, important PDFs, timetable framework, and mentorship session.

Based on your UPSC prep situation (working aspirant, full-time aspirant), your learning style, previous attempts, and other such factors, we will be preparing and sharing a personalized PDF study plan for you.

Entry is FREE but seats are limited (only 100)

Book your seat now!

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