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Let’s face it: Geography for UPSC is overwhelming. From the intricacies of physical geography to the expansive scope of world geography, the syllabus feels endless. And then there’s the perplexing set of topics covered in Indian geography. What’s more?

The UPSC doesn’t make it any easier with its unpredictability, often presenting questions that defy conventional wisdom. So how do you sift through mountains of information and focus on what’s truly important for both Prelims and Mains?

We’re excited to announce the second installment in our transformative series of sessions, this time led by none other than Purnima Ma’am, a Senior IAS Faculty at CivilsDaily.

Don’t Spend Months—Invest Just 25 Days of guided Self-Study

From Purnima ma’am’s lectures

With her extensive experience and expertise, she has designed an actionable strategy to conquer Geography for UPSC Prelims and Mains in just 25 days.

About #StartLikeATopper Series

A streamlined set of power-packed sessions aimed at the most effective UPSC syllabus coverage, one subject at a time, giving you a laser-focused approach.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill lecture. It’s a strategic blueprint packed with actionable insights that will pivot your approach from “learning” to “strategic learning.”

This isn’t just another strategy session; it’s your lifeline to transform those dreaded geography books into high-scoring answers.

Don’t just study hard; study smart with the #StartLikeATopper Series.

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Topic: How to cover UPSC GS Geography syllabus for Prelims and Mains in just 25 days? Detailed approach, important topics and strategic blueprint

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Who Is This For?

  • Aspirants looking for a structured approach to mastering or revising Geography.
  • Aspirants who are scared of Geography and feel it is a technical subject.
  • Those who want to have an integrated approach to covering Geography syllabus (prelims and mains)
  • Anyone who has undergone previous Geography coaching or self-study but still lacks confidence.

Why you must attend this session?

In this comprehensive session, Purnima Ma’am will share:

  1. Which NCERT books to cover? Purnima Ma’am will explain the chapters to read for Geography prelims in NCERT 6-12th books.
  2. Topic-wise importance for UPSC Prelims 2024-25. From Fundamentals of Physical Geography, Fundamentals of Human Geography, India, People and Economy.
  3. What are the online sources to refer for topics not covered in NCERT? Purnima Ma’am will highlight the specific and limited literature which is available online for free.
  4. Live demonstration of Previous Year Question Papers. The direct questions that from NCERT textbooks from Prelims 2016-2023.
  5. How to do weekly revision for maps? Everything from straits, ports, and geographic locations will be covered.
  6. Current affairss topics of 5 years for Indian and World Geography. How to do a final revision on these topics?
  7. How to allocate time for Geography Revision on a daily basis if that’s the reason you are scoring less?
  8. Certain Mnemonics to remember important facts in Geography. Popular memory techniques used by toppers to ace Geography.

Key areas that will be covered in this session:

Purnima Ma’am will delve into:

  1. Geomorphology and Climatology: A focused strategy for these high-yield areas.
  2. Economic and Social Geography: Covering UPSC-centric themes such as resource distribution and human settlements.
  3. Geographical Theories and Concepts: A simplified guide to understanding the complex theories and their UPSC relevance.
  4. Sources & Approach: The art of filtering high-quality information from multiple books and resources like NCERTs, GC Leong, and Atlas.
  5. UPSC MCQs & Mains Answer Writing: Breakdown of questions to help you understand UPSC’s testing pattern.

Mastering Geograhy is not about quantity, but quality of time invested.

What can you expect to learn from the session?

  • Understanding the upcoming trend, UPSC’s new paradigm is evolving. How UPSC has changed over the past couple of years and how you should adapt?
  • Chucking old ways of UPSC preparation and building a solid foundation that is flexible and adaptable.
  • Basic syllabus mastery: NCERTs and Standard Books Learn which sections of NCERTs and Standard Books are essential for UPSC and how to make effective notes from them.
  • NCERT & Standard book Selection: Discover the must-read NCERTs that provide a comprehensive understanding

We’ll be sharing a personalized study plan after the webinar

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Based on your UPSC prep situation (working aspirant, full-time aspirant), your learning style, previous attempts, and other such factors, we will be preparing and sharing a personalized PDF study plan for you.

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