Registration Window Closing Tomorrow || Only a Few Slots left || How to improve your chances of cracking the UPSC exam 2022 by 800 percent? || Open Invitation for an Exclusive Webinar by Sajal Singh(GS Topper 2017)

Dear Aspirants,

Over 150 CivilsDaily Students are appearing in the UPSC interviews this year. YOU could definitely be next! And one very dominant factor in this turnaround is an impactful Civilsdaily Ecosystem. You would not just get a complete Prelims to Interview handholding but also a personal guide to help you finish each milestone.

Hence, I would like to invite you to a fascinating webinar where you would come to know how we, and our students, achieved this success and how we could use the very methods to help you succeed as well. In the upcoming webinar, we will present the best of what Civilsdaily IAS has to offer and introduce you to the CORE Philosophy of our highly successful Mentorship Program!

UPSC is the trickiest and uncertain exam in the world. It has a selection ratio of 0.1 per cent and to be selected for IAS, the selection ratio further falls to 0.01%. Now Suppose if we tell you that by Joining Civilsdaily’s Foundation program, this ratio increases to 80 per cent. How will you react?.

You might think that we are cracking a joke. But fortunately, this is possible, which we achieved with the Smash Mains Program last year. 80 per cent success rate. (Read testimonials below)

Unfortunately, this program was only open to Veterans. We believe that with the same mentorship style, we can replicate the same success with Aspirants who have just started preparation and are targeting the 2022 UPSC exam. Why waste 5 years when you can crack the exam on the very first attempt.

I need 50 dedicated students who can give their 100 per cent for next 1 year. Follow whatever I tell you and I assure you that your chances of cracking the exam on the very first attempt would significantly increase.

To know more about how your journey will be under my guidance for the next 1 year. Please register for the open Webinar on Sunday.

What can you expect from the Webinar?

1.Fundamental mistakes committed by an aspirant which can cost you an attempt

2.Sharing my best practices helped me score the highest marks in GS in the 2017 exam.

3.Blueprint of how your journey will be under my guidance till 2022 Mains.

4.Best practices that can help you increase your score in Prelims and Mains exam

5.Open Q&A session with me

6.CD softcopies for Preparation

We will discuss the MOST EFFECTIVE WAY of cracking this exam. And we will talk about the highly successful methods that are TRIED, TESTED and ENDORSED!

This is a webinar that can truly transform your preparation. All you need to do is register and watch!

A Quick Bit About the Author

Sajal Singh is an MS Economics from Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, MS Financial Economics from Carleton University Canada. NET(JRF) in Economics qualified. He had obtained the highest marks in GS papers in UPSC Mains 2017 and appeared in several UPSC CS interviews. He also heads the Civilsdaily flagship Smash Mains initiative with an over 80% success ratio in the Mains exam.

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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch