(Register for recorded video) Why Time Management is the most critical factor for success in UPSC and MPSC with changed Patterns? Decoding syllabus and pattern | Live Masterclass by Dr. Amol, IPS

With changed MPSC 2023 pattern, integrating UPSC and MPSC preparation will require some strategic changes. Don’t miss out on this webinar.

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According to Dr. Amol Murkut, IPS 2020 Batch, “Success in the most unpredictable UPSC exam does not lie in resources but your dynamic strategy

About Dr. Amol Murkut, IPSC UPSC 2020 Batch

When he finds many aspirants around him feeling anxious, nervous, or in panic, it makes him realize that he has a sense of responsibility to share his own compact experiences on how to make a winning strategy, as per the changing trends of UPSC & New pattern of MPSC.

Nervousness on the eve of any exam is a brutal reality. It cannot be avoided. But staying focused on small improvements, habits and small changes will ultimately lead you to bigger things. 

If your strategy is fitting, even with numerous things pending, you will still have a great chance to crack the UPSC exam 2023. Nobody goes for this exam with the best preparation. It depends on how you put it on that paper. 

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Highly useful for both UPSC and MPSC aspirants

Marathi language will be used in most of the parts of the session. MPSC exam (Maharashtra PSC) will be stressed.

What to expect in Live Masterclass by IPS, Dr. Amol Murkut!

1. The UPSC/MPSC preparation process is divided into four stages. What should you focus on during each phase? As for prelims, you will need expertise in ‘Intelligent guessing’, ‘the way of thinking, and ‘Core common sense. And for mains how to develop a basic mental framework to write a well-balanced answer. 

2. Besides preparing for UPSC, you can crack MPSC with the same preparation. So, how to decode converging MPSC with UPSC will be comprehensively discussed.

3. How to divide your time for every phase of preparation. What a step-by-step 5-hour learning plan is! 100% Success oriented time-management skills will also be discussed.

3. How to do pattern analysis with PYQs for both exams. What the different approaches to PYQs for Prelims & Mains are, will also be elaborated on so that you get your preparation off to a good start.

4. If you’re a working professional, how to take advantage of being a UPSC/MPSC aspirant while working? What distinguishes you from the competition?

6. What are the papers that can fetch you maximum marks, and how to build your firm grip on those GS papers will also be disclosed in this Free Masterclass.

7. Many more untold points that only a UPSC topper experienced throughout his UPSC journey, will be disclosed in this super session.

Civilsdaily reached in Pune to kickstart your UPSC/MPSC preparation under the same roof:

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