How to manage UPSC prep along with a full time job?| Ex-Officer, MHA & Senior IAS mentor Avadhoot sir

Preparing for the UPSC exam can be a tough race against time. And if you are a working professional who is managing your job along with the preparation, coping with the syllabus can be extremely difficult.

Your day starts with the pressure of your work. You may have to manage project deadlines, you have to attend office meetings, you may have to deal with clients at work, and spend a lot of time at your workplace.  In fact, by the time you reach home from work, you already feel exhausted and have no energy to study anymore.

But does that mean you give up on your dreams?


Time management is a #UPSCskill that tops all other skills in this long journey. Moreover, the complexity and vastness of the syllabus, unpredictability and ever-changing pattern of the UPSC exam, and cut-throat competition necessitate you to invest your time wisely.

But how to do that? If you are not a fan of wasting your time and reinventing wheel join our FREE UPSC Webinar especially for Working UPSC Professionals.

Avadhoot Shinde, sir senior IAS mentor at CivilsDaily will be LIVE for a special session. He was a senior-level Executive officer working for the Ministry of Home Affairs and has more than 10 yrs of UPSC experience.

What you will learn in this webinar?

  1. Management of Priorities – UPSC- work, family and life as well.
  2. Reducing time on non-priorities.
  3. Planning ahead, making targets, staying consistent w.r.t targets.
  4. How should the syllabus be approached to complete it within the time limit?
  5. Balancing prelims-mains on one hand and GS-current affairs on the other.
  6. How to determine the primary focus areas of the Prelims, Mains, and Personality tests?
  7. How to apply bookish as well as classroom knowledge to the exam?’

We will discuss the important ways in which you can crack this exam through the following methods:

  1. Personalized timetable
  2. Personalized study plan
  3. Tracking your progress
  4. Investing in topics with good ROI
  5. Focusing on smart study

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