How to Narrow the Revision Gap in Mid of UPSC-CSE Syllabus Completion?|| Free Open to All Q&A Webinar by IAS Officer Harvinder Singh|| Learn about the Standard, Normal and Frequent Revision Techniques|| Limited Slots, Register Now

When I decided to prepare for UPSC-CSE, I knew I was not in a position to quit my private job. The work load was high at my present company, I was left with doubt if I could clear UPSC-CSE or not. That’s when I decided I needed a highly experienced personal mentor who will not only provide me study materials or evaluate test-series and mock interviews, but also won’t hesitate to motivate me whenever I felt uneasy or anxious. I found that in Civilsdaily mentor, Pravin sir. He was my go to mentor for Mains and Interview. I always made it a point to visit him weekly once and vent my feelings to him. After speaking to him, the clouds of negativity drifted away. I became confident to complete my studies for the day. It took me 3 attempts to fulfill not only my dream but my family’s dream.”

Harvinder Singh’s life was filled with many hardships. Not because of UPSC-CSE preparation, but due to the unpredictable turn of events. When he was a three year old kid, his hand accidently fell into a pan of boiling hot oil in the kitchen. Due to this, three of his fingers have been severely impaired. As a 12th standard student, Harvinder studiously prepared for both AIEEE and NDA exams. Though he successfully, cleared the former exam, he failed the medical round of NDA (due to his fingers). Dejected that he missed an opportunity to serve the nation, Harvinder thought he cannot overlook supporting his family. His dad worked both as a farmer and truck driver to make ends meet. However, as a graduate in J&K, he found it extremely difficult to find a job.

In 2013, he started his work as an engineer for a private company in Allahabad. Well settled, Harvinder thought of fulfilling his dream of serving the nation. If he couldn’t do it through Army, he could through civil services. After failing the prelims in first attempt, mains in second attempt, he finally cleared the exams in his third attempt to be an IAS officer. “I feared that in my third attempt, I will fail the personality round”, Harvinder jokes. Despite back to back failures, Harvinder always looked forward to his next attempt like it was his final attempt.

Free to Attend (with mandatory registration) Ask me Anything Session with Harvinder Singh IAS

As a result of which, the same lad who once suffered unemployment and other issues in J&K, is working to bring changes to J&K for the poor, needy, vulnerable and youth.

This Thursday, Harvinder IAS is going to take some time off his busy schedule to address Civilsdaily aspirants. He will not only be talking about the specifics of UPSC-CSE journey, but also answering all your questions. If you are getting stuck due to any comprehension or consistency issue, it’s time to take Harvinder IAS sir’s help to solve them. And the good news is webinar is absolutely free for all to attend!

Key Takeways of Ask me Anything Session with Harvinder Singh IAS

1. Complete study booklist of Harvinder Singh IAS. For Prelims & Mains. Do you want to check if the current booklist you have are the right sources to prepare for UPSC-CSE?

2. Complete timeline of UPSC-CSE Preparation as a working professional. When did Harvinder IAS prepare for Prelims, Mains and Interview?

3. The art of making notes. What topics require notes and what topics don’t.

4. Harvinder Singh IAS during Mains examination. What kind of questions came and how did he answer it?

5. Hardwork in right direction vs Hardwork in wrong direction. Can only studying hard make you successful?

6. Normal, standard and frequent revision techniques. What are they?

Webinar Details

If you are studying hard but are unsure that you are studying right, then its time to get some assurance from the topper himself! Register for this free webinar by IAS officer Harvinder Singh.

Date: 16 December 2021 (Thursday)

Time: 7 P.M

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