(Get recorded session and PDF) For College going aspirants and Working Professionals-How prepare from scratch and crack UPSC 2023 in 7 months? | Parth sir’s FREE Masterclass | Get FREE Preparatory Package & a Detailed Blueprint for the next 7 months

To make this a holistic learning experience we have a special FREE preparatory package for you. Details below.

UPSC Prelims 2023 is scheduled for May 28th, 2023. That’s just 7 months away now. As an aspirant, even if you are a beginner you might have already started preparation, some of you are taking a repeat attempt after a failed one in 2022.

You must understand the criticality of time. The next 7 months are crucial. Everything that you do must be under a plan, a strategy.

Time isn’t the main thing, it’s the only thing

For beginners who are going to have 2023 as their first UPSC attempt, we know you are confused and have a lot of questions in your mind. Not only on the best sources, the best strategy but also on how to execute and go about it.

You might have consulted numerous websites on the internet regarding your UPSC 2023 preparation, but even then, you end up confused as they only address skin-deep theories about dos and don’ts, generic advice, and all.

To help you strategize we have planned a Masterclass by senior UPSC Mentor Parth Verma sir.

UPSC Prelims Masterclass Details: 28th Oct, (Friday) at 7:30 PM. Concluded successfully

Key Takeaways of Masterclass with Parth Verma, Senior Mentor and Core faculty of Civilsdaily. Other than those mentioned above we will be discussing the following points:

1. Analysing the trend of UPSC and devising an evolving adaptive strategy.

2. How to cover the syllabus? The syllabus, not the books, must be completed. Focussing on the essentials first.

3. What are the best books to refer to? Based on a last 10-year UPSC-CSE paper analysis.

4. Recognize the UPSC requirement. What kinds of test series are useful? Which mock test series should be avoided?

5. Complete UPSC-CSE Preparation Timeline for a Working Professional

6. The skill of taking notes. What topics necessitate notes and which do not?

7. Working hard in the right direction vs. working hard in the wrong direction Is it possible to be successful solely by studying hard?

8. There are only two consolidated sources for current events. What exactly are they?

9. Revision techniques that are common, standard, and used frequently. What exactly are they?

What you’ll get as a part of the Special Preparatory Package?

As a part of this Masterclass by Parth sir you are entitled to these:

  1. FREE Mentorship session with Senior IAS Mentor on strategy and approach for UPSC 2023
  2. Samachar Manthan’s current week’s module and Mains Questions
  3. Prelims Weekly MCQ PDF
  4. Mains 250+ Value notes
  5. Current month’s Monthly Magazine

Register for the Masterclass, we’ll email you the above content on registration.

About Parth Sir

Our senior most Civilsdaily’s Mentor and core faculty, Parth sir has been mentoring students since 2017. He has an admirable experience of attending UPSC-CSE interviews four times. Parth sir has always scored 400+ in all the 4 GS Mains Subjects. The secret of success according to him is consistency and time-management.

You will get a chance to discuss 1-1 with Parth sir in the Masterclass.

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