NCERTs Discussion (Open for all) | Class 12th -Themes in Indian History Part III | Daily at 8 pm on Habitat (link inside)

How to cover NCERTs for UPSC IAS exam
How to cover NCERTs? Are they still relevant? How to use NCERTs for both prelims and mains? If you are struggling with questions like these, this is for you (open to all). Habitat link and instructions at the bottom. Details for the next session below.

Hello students,

After Prelims 2020, there is both confusion and a certain skepticism about the basic approach for Prelims preparation. Everyone seems to be struggling with the “what next?” question for 2021. There is no gainsaying that our basic approach needs to be tweaked but to discard it squarely is far from being right.

We’ve started NCERTs discussion series on Habitat and with this discussion series, we intend to begin our step by step approach to the Prelims 2021 while unraveling the mystery held by the basic books like NCERTs.

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Here we are going to understand the relevance and approach to read and cover NCERTS from both prelims and mains perspective. Not only we cover in-depth analysis of topics, even from the previous year paper, but also discuss the utilization of those topics.

Below are two images of the discussion in progress.

Prelims questions shared and discussed

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Utilising NCERTs for mains

Since NCERTs are essential as they form a foundation on which you will build and develop your understanding, we’re going to cover all NCERTs one by one. It’s discussion series you can’t afford to miss.

Details of today’s discussion

  • Book: Class 12th NCERT – Themes in Indian History part III
  • Time and date: 8 pm, 23rd Oct 2020
  • Venue: General group of Habitat
  • Links of previous sessions: Session 1, Session 2, Session 3

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