Imp MasterClass: How to Start Answer Writing for UPSC 2024 even with almost ‘0’ content? 2 Foolproof Frameworks (PDFs) you must master | QnA session by Sukanya Ma’am | Get FREE Strategic package on registration

Concluded Successfully | How to Start Answer Writing even if you’ve almost 0 content? 2 Foolproof Frameworks | The Most Important LIVE Masterclass + QnA session by Sukanya Ma’am

📢What you should expect in 1-1 LIVE with Sukanya Ma’am

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Is UPSC your 1st Choice? If ‘YES’, don’t skip this First Step towards Level-up Answer writing…

Basically, 5 skills are required to clear the UPSC exam, and the most important one is Answer Writing for GS Mains. That’s why Serious aspirants don’t compromise with any loopholes in this Preparation. Because it’s your answer writing that will decide whether you’re a suitable character for a DM/SP’s chair. 

But, this skill won’t develop in a single day. 

And Good News is that there is no need to become a writer or have any prior skills to write a mark-leaving answer in UPSC mains. Every year, we notice, thousands of aspirants start answer writing with almost 0 content by following 2 Foolproof Frameworks and scoring a single-digit rank for themselves.

With her 10 yr of Mains experience & proven techniques developed over time with ex-mains-students, Rankers who have cleared this exam with flying colors, and last year’s toppers, Mains Program Head, Sukanya Ma’am is taking up a webinar masterclass to help you make a comparative analysis of Proven Methods for UPSC mains answers writing from almost 0 prior knowledge. She will also give valuable insights about 2 Foolproof Frameworks you must master.

What you should expect in the 1-1 LIVE Session by Sukanya Rana Ma’am?

  • What are the 2 Foolproof Frameworks you must master? Universal Practical Approaches to Acquire Basic Answer Writing Skills for GS Mains.
  • Why is UPSC Answer Writing is far unique?
  • Best Methods to Start Mains Answer Writing for GS-1, GS-2, GS-3 & GS-4 for Raw Beginners and unsuccessful veterans.
  • How to understand the demand of a question fully and correctly before contemplating an answer for it. 
  • How toppers develop a basic mental framework of the answer before committing anything on the paper
  • It is very difficult to write anything for the examiner. So, what is the best way to introduce as well as conclude your answer?
  • How to focus on Questions’ directives and comply with a minimum but effective requirement.
  • How to divide the main body of the answer into paragraphs or bullets as required.
  • How long should your introduction and conclusion be?
  • Where to and how to apply opinion-based answers!
  • The correct approach to writing a fact-based answer in GS-4 (Ethics & Integrity)
  • How to maintain ‘accuracy’, ‘brevity’, and ‘Clarity’ in each and every answer
  • How to do a comparative analysis of toppers’ approach. How do they create an on-demand answer and how do they follow the answer writing basic rules- ‘Brainstorming’, ‘Outlining’, ‘Idea/Argument placement, and ‘Structuring’ 

What Do and don’t of UPSC to keep in mind while answering writing? The most common mistakes will also be discussed.

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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch