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👉What you should expect in 1-1 Live with Shubham Nagargoje sir?

Should you start with NCERTs? or directly Standard books? maybe start with just the newspapers first…. like these, there are a lot of questions in the minds of aspirants who are starting their UPSC 2024 preparation.

UPSC IAS-IPS-IFS is a dream of many but only a handful of them can make it a reality.

Every year millions of aspirants start from zero. But only a few can sit on a DM’s chair & the rest are stuck in the labyrinth of the gigantic syllabus or a cycle of repeated failure.

So, a seamless beginning matters.

Guys, there is a saying, “Well begun is half done.” so, don’t start UPSC 2024 Preparation just for being part of the rat race or to ‘gain experience’.  Instead, your start of IAS 2024 prep must be in such a way that it guarantees your destination, LBSNAA.

UPSC Prelims 2024 will be scheduled between May and June. That’s just 17 months away. As an aspirant, even if you are a beginner you might have already started preparation, but you must understand the criticality of the next 17 months. Everything that you do must be under a plan, a strategy.

To help you strategize we have planned a Masterclass by UPSC Topper, IPS, Shubham sir.

UPSC 2024 Masterclass Details:

Topic: How to start UPSC 2024 Prep from scratch? Level ‘0’ Strategy for a top 10 rank on the very 1st attempt

  • Date: 20th February, (Monday)
  • Time; 7:30 PM.
  • FREE strategy + UPSC 2024 study package by IPS Shubham sir
  • Mode: Online (Zoom link will be emailed to you)

What you should expect in 1-1 Live with IPS, Shubham sir

  1. How to start UPSC 2024 Preparation like a topper and take level ‘0’ advantage.
  2. Avoiding a random one, How to select the right NCERTs to start preparation and build a strong subjective foundation for Both Prelims and Mains
  3. How to understand the syllabus and work on that.
    • What is the easiest way for all background aspirants to complete the UPSC syllabus?
  4. How to divide your time for Daily newspaper, NCERTs, Advanced books like M. Laxmikant Etc.
  5. How to make current affairs notes and update later by removing redundant information.
    • There are only two consolidated sources for current events. What exactly are they?
  6. How to utilize PYQs for both Prelims and Mains.
  7. How to manage time? because time management with consistency is the only thing for success in UPSC
    • How do you start your Optional Subject? and in how many months do you have to finish it?
    • How to pick conceptual subjects first and finish them one by one by December 2023
    • How to start minor subjects as soon as the conceptual subjects are finished
    • How to focus on only Prelims after December 2023 and revise by following 60, 45, 25, and 15 rules.
  8. How to stick to the bare minimum sources so that your revision will be maximum?
  9. Complete UPSC-CSE Preparation Timeline for a Working Professional
  10. Recognize the UPSC requirement. What kinds of test series are useful? Which mock test series should be avoided?

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20th February (Monday) at 7:30 Pm | LIVE, ask me anything session on How to start UPSC 2024 Prep from scratch? Level ‘0’ Strategy for a top 10 rank on the very 1st attempt by UPSC Topper Shubham Nagargoje sir.

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