How to Tackle Static Questions based on Current Affairs in Prelims 2022? || Free Live Webinar by Prelims Topper & UPSC Mentor Santosh Sir who Scored 145+ six times|| Limited Slots, Register Now

Many experts would like to say that the weightage of Current affairs in prelims has declined since 2018. The truth is far from true. Current Affairs has been revived and is now included in questions from static syllabus topics. This approach has given rise to questions with more analytical dimensions that are thought oriented. 

You might be reading a question and trying to remember it from a book, when it’s actually from the newspaper! Certain Current affairs questions of the 2021 Prelims have surprised us as well. Let’s try to understand this better with an example:

Consider the following statements regarding Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’.

  1. The Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’ or the Circum-Pacific Belt, is an area along the Pacific Ocean that is characterised by active volcanoes.
  2. About 90 per cent of the world’s earthquakes occur here.
  3. It traces from New Zealand clockwise in an almost circular arc and extends upto western coast of North America.

This question is from the topic, ‘World Geography’. Also it was in the news this week.

Free Open to All Webinar to Tackle Current Affairs Questions From Static Topics

Here’s an exercise for all UPSC 2022 aspirants. Take a look at your syllabus, select a topic. Do you know atleast ten current affairs news related to this topic from the last one year?

If not, then it’s never too late. You still have 4.5 months left. So take the first big step by registering for this free live webinar by Prelims veteran Santosh sir.

Santosh sir has cleared prelims 6/6 times and scored 145+ in all of them. In his Smash Prelims 2020 program, 15 out of 25 students cleared the exam to write Mains 2021.

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Key Takeaways of Free Live Webinar by Santosh Sir — 

1. How to tackle static questions based on current affairs with accuracy? Elimination Techniques for Prelims that can be used.

2. Learn 360 degree approach to current affairs. How can you read daily compilation, PIB, newspapers, Yojana and Kurushetra all in 1.5 hours?

3. Keywords approach to reading newspapers. How to make shorthand notes based on this?

4. Learn to interlink Static and Current affairs topics. Should reading for current affairs and a chapter in the static book happen at the same time?

5. How to handle the surprise questions from current affairs? The surprise questions from 2021 prelims exams.

6. Current affairs trend analysis. What are the topics where most of the current affairs questions come from?

Webinar Details

Current affairs is not merely about knowing, but it has become a game of linking and interlinking. Don’t miss the chance to get value addition inputs to score better in the examination! This webinar is absolutely free. All aspirants are welcome to attend.

Date – 24 January 2022 (Monday)

Time – 7:00 P.M.

Limited slots are available. Please register immediately.

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