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With prelims over now, its time to get back to the grind. What are the essentials of IAS Mains answer? Watch Sajal sir live.

IAS Mains FLTs 2020 starting from 18th October 2020 (click to know more)

So finally, IAS prelims is done now. It was a long wait for prelims but just three months are left for Mains now. A couple of days’ rest was justified, any more than that is a sin. Time to get back to the grind.

How would you rate your mains answers? Are you aware of what makes a perfect answer, or on what all parameters UPSC evaluates your answers? Watch Sajal sir live explaining what makes a perfect answer.

Click on the video and Set Reminder for 7 pm tomorrow.
Sajal sir has been a GS mains topper.

We cannot stress more upon the importance of the answer writing for IAS Mains. Answer writing in UPSC mains is an art. Unfortunately, less than 1% aspirants excel at this art.

In this Video, Sajal sir will discuss the Strategy which an aspirant should adopt while writing answers in UPSC GS mains paper. He will discuss 18 best practices that should be used while writing the mains answers. It is by incorporation of these 18 best practices your answer will be transformed from average to a perfect answer.

Mains FLTs 2020 will start from 18th October 2020.

Mains FLTs 2020 is a personalised and Mentor guided comprehensive and intensive program for GS Mains papers. The focus is on making students understand the requirement of Mains Question, its elements, using information, and imparting answer writing skills for that.

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For any query related to Mains FLTs 2020 please write to or call at 8929987787

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