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“I followed multiple strategies, multiple sources and asked advices from multiple people when I began my preparation in 2016. Yet, I felt a lack of guidance. By 2020, I followed a single strategy, a single source and took guidance from only Civilsdaily. And finally I cleared the exam after 2 attempts. ”

Lakshay Chowdhary was an ardent follower of Civilsdaily current affairs from 2016. In 2018, he took the help of our Mains Answer Writing program and reached till the level of interview. However, by a few marks his name didn’t feature in the final list. That’s when he decided he will not prepare full-time but will take a job, support his family and prepare for UPSC-CSE once again. He decided to take mentorship for all the 3 stages from Civilsdaily mentors Santosh sir and Pravin sir. That’s when, he achieved the remarkable feat of clearing the exam with a high All India Rank of 132.

Free Open for All, Q&A Webinar by Lakshay Choudhary

They say, it’s better to get guidance from those who have failed than those who won. Because, those who have failed will know what mistakes they have made. However, for UPSC we would like to tweak this a little bit.

“It’s better to get guidance from someone who has given several attempts and then went onto become a UPSC Topper”

This Ask me Anything session by UPSC Topper Lakshay Choudhary will give all UPSC aspirants clarity on the right process to prepare the exam and the right strategy to excel. Lakshay, an aspirant from commerce background was confused like anyone initially. He chose the wrong optional, he started answer-writing practice after prelims, he was a subject expert but not an overall player, he studied for 12 hours everyday and never took breaks.

So, what did he do that reduced his stress and prepare with limited sources yet achieve maximum marks? What did he do because of which he left only one question in 2020 Mains exam, while previously he couldn’t answer 2-3 questions from every paper? How did he clear the exam with just 6-8 hours of daily preparation when he couldn’t replicate success with 12 hours daily preparation in 2016? Attend his webinar on Monday to find out.

Key Takeways of Ask me Anything Session with Lakshay Chowdhary

1. When to start writing Mains answers. Is it better to practice 2-3 answers everyday even if there is a year more for UPSC exam?

2. How many times in a month did Lakshay write Essay answers? Why practicing Essay Paper is important even as a beginner?

3. Preparing for Current Affairs as a working professional. How did Lakshay reduce his newspaper reading time by using the Civilsdaily app?

Consolidated notes from mentors and developing his own. How did Lakshay manage to create 1-2 pages of notes for the most important topics from every subject which helped him finish an answer within 250 words?

Preparing without fear-factor. Why is it less stressful to prepare for UPSC as a working professional?

Prelims, Mains and Optional — all in a day. How did Lakshay divide his daily schedule into three sessions?

Negotiables vs Non Negotiables. What is required for UPSC exam and what is not?

Be a practical risk-taker. When is it okay to switch an optional and why should you wait till the next attempt to change your study materials?

Webinar Details

Be ready with your list of doubts and get them clarified once and for all on Monday! Register for this free webinar by Lakshay Chowdhary (AIR 132).

Date: 29 November 2021 (Monday)

Time: 7 P.M

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